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This week in France, there was a woman who received the very first experimental face transplant. It was a success, and now the woman is looking foward to starting a new life. Technology and doctors who are willing to go to the untouched areas of science make the world what it is today. Was this transplant the right thing to do for this woman, or are doctors just taking the 'medical miracles' too far? Should these types of experimental procedures be allowed to take place if there is a possibility of the person living a normal life? Think of all the possibilities doctors could give us if we just let them. Is there a point where doctors should leave things to fate, or is it justifiable for them to try these experimental operations in order to make someone's life better?

The link below is the complete story of the woman who received the first ever partial face transplant. Read it and comment on how you feel about it. It may not seem interesting, but there is a video to go along with it, and I encourage you to watch the video if you can.


Face Transplant

I think it's amazing what modern medicine can do now. I don't see these improvements as bad at all. I can't imagine what it would be like to live your life with a completely disfigured face. It's wonderful that doctors can help people with disabilities live normal lives.

I can't understand why this is so controversial. I think that anyone who opposes this should walk in her shoes for a day. It must be awful getting stared at constantly because of something you have no control over. I hope anyone that is against this takes a second look.

Medical Miracles

Before you had posted this discussion I had seen Isabelle Dinoire’s story on the Today show. It is quite remarkable what the doctors were able to do for her. Medical science is rapidly improving and everyday there are new, cutting edge treatments and procedures. I have nothing against changing peoples' lives for the better, like Dinoire's life was changed. She has the chance to be normal again. I hope that doctors continue to challenge themselves and improve medical care.

I do not however support medical sciences involving stem cell research and cloning. This is were I believe medical science may be testing their limits. Its like playing God. Cloning animals and humans is moraling wrong and just plain creepy.

Modern Medicine has come a

Modern Medicine has come a long way since people began trying to fix the human body. When people begin looking at these issues there are so many moral aspects to a situation. We should be able to make any attempt to help make it possible for someone to live a normal life, but when does that go to far? I believe it is not wrong to fix someones life so that they can be "normal", as they did for this woman. But when we start playing around with the ability to clone or the ability to engineer babies, then I believe we have gone to far. There are many consequences to playing with peoples DNA, many of which we have no idea what they are. In the genetic engineering of some plants they have trouble because it is still a guess and check proceedure, and I believe taking risks on peoples lives without their consent is wrong and immoral.

2 Thumbs Up

I think that what the doctors did for this woman is spectacular. She had been living her life with a deformity that was controlling what she did. This partial face transplant hopefully gave her more confidence in herself and opened her up. Doctors today are capable of doing amazing things to change someones life. If the knowledge and tools are out there, why not use them?

Face transplant

Yes, I believe that there is a certain point where doctors can go too far, but by no means is this it. I look at this woman's misfortune in the same way as someone who is missing an appendage. Her new face allows her to go back out in the world and contribute just like a person with an artificial arm or leg. If someone really wants to be better looking when there is nothing wrong with them in the first place, then they should go to a plastic surgeon.

I believe this amazing that

I believe this amazing that people who have something terrible happen and disfigure their faces can finally have the option to have there face rebuilt back to a "normal" state you coudl say. I feel that this should only be used in cases that truely need it. I don't think people with money should be able to buy a face that they feel would make them look better.

Experiment, worth a shot?

Although this experiment was a success and although the woman believes that this would let her lead a normal life, what would have happened if the experiment was a complete disaster? It's not always that all experiments tend to work, quite a few fail miserably. I'm sure as hell that if anything had gone wrong the woman would be sueing the doctors by now. I would definitely not allow someone to do anything to my face unless i had solid proof that this actually works. Everything may have gone well for now but what about later? Can anyone tell what are the consequences of this experiment in the long run. Anythng could have gone horribly wrong which the doctors aren't currently aware of. I am not saying they should stop experimenting completely, if their "subjects" are aware of everything that could go wrong and still consent to it then i guess they should just go ahead with it.

Face -Off

I think that some things that doctors and scientist do can go to far sometimes, like cloning, but if they can do things for people who have major life altering disfigurements then they should be able to help. It's easy for us to judge these types of situations, but put yourself in her shoes, I'm sure if you had the chance to life a much more normal life you'd do the same thing.

New Face

I think what was able to be done to her face is amazing. She was living a life of deformaty and now she can look normal. I dont understand why this would be conversal at all. Living a life being different is one of the hardest things to go through, to give her a chacne to be like everyone else is a wonderful thing.

A Little Too Far

I think that having a face transplant is pushing the envelope a little too far. I think it would be one thing to help someone who has been disfigured but it is quite another to give someone a new face just because they want it. I think that science should have moral and ethical limits. The whole idea of giving face transplants discontinues the thought of individualism. Anyone could look like anyone and I think its not right plain and simple.

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