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The link below goes to a recent article (January 2006) posted by Blizzard Entertainment® about the increasingly popular online game, World of Warcraft®, also known as WoW. Its popularity has spread across the globe and continues to get new subscribers, as Europe reaches over a million. Why? What is so wonderful about this particular game? I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that someone can sit at a computer for hours on end playing this, in my opinion, boring game. I have never been into video games and never will. I don't see the point in them. I keep hearing stories of people playing WoW for 8, 12, even 36 hours straight! How is that possible?


Now, I would seem unreasonable if I were saying these things and had not tried this cultural phenomenon first hand. Sunday, I let my fiancé talk me into giving it a try (he is one of the 5.5 million who play the game). I could hardly stand it. I felt like I had Attention Deficit Disorder. I made it to level 4 and it seemed like the longest hour of my life.
For those of you who subscribe to WoW, why is it so entertaining to you? What makes this game so special? Please explain this to me.
For those who have not been introduced to this fantasy world of orcs, gnomes, and elves, will you join the millions of users around the world now that you know of its fame? Or why do you shy away from it?
Below are more links, including the official WoW site and others supporting its popularity.


The number the article is

The number the article is stating is very impressive to say the least. I do play mmorpg's but I have never played WoW. The games can be addicting because there is so much to do and you always feel like you need to be the best player in the game. I have played Star Wars Galaxies for almost a year and a half but ended my account due to school. It takes a lot of time to level and complete quests so running on caffeine is the way to stay awake while playing. Gaming is a lifestyle you have to kind of grow into.


The number of people blizzard says play WoW is not to surprising to me. I used to be a huge gamer but lately have found it not as fun as I once did. Gaming can destroy ones social life though, Final Fantasy has literally taken over my friends life. He leaves the game on while at class and has even brought his laptop to class so he could do quests. But this is what has turned me off of games, it takes to much time to become a good player and there is more important things you could be spending your time on.

Blizzard - WoW

The 5.5 million players comes as no surprise to me. I myself have never plaed WoW, but I have played a similar game made by Blizzard. Diablo was a game that I was introduced to when I was a freshman in high school. It was the first game that I had ever played on computer, but I was hooked. I remember coming home from school/practice and going straight to the computer. I would not leave the computer until I went to bed. The next day at school I would talk about Diablo with my classmates and actually write down plans and stratagies for the upcoming night. My grades actually started dropping because instead of paying attention in class we would talk about the RPG game. I probably never would have stopped but my computer became too slow to even compete with other online players. So it is very easy for me to see how people can play these games nonstop. All that these RPG games are are a race to see who can become the best in the world the fastest. It is very easy to become addicted.

Games, addictive? Definitely!

Games are quite addictive. Although you wouldn't really get addicted to it the first time you start playing it, give it a few more tries and you'll definitely be hooked on to it. I've never really been into any games but once i do start playing any game i do get sort of addicted to it. Why you get addicted to it is completely another matter. It doesn't necessarily have to be that the game is so wonderful or anything it may just be because you start believing that the next time you play you'll reach a higher level or the next time you play the game you may get more points. That is definitely what happens to me i just play on and on to see if i could beat my previous score.

Video Games

I have played a few games similar to WoW. I used to spend a lot of time playing those games. They are very entertaining and when you play online, you get to play with other people, so it gets even more exciting. But, I always tried not to become completely addicted to them because I knew it would have bad effects on my social life. I think playing video games is a fairly good way to spend your time, but you should never let them take over your life.

All I Gotta Say Is.....

My roomate has lost countless days...wait no, weeks...maybe even months of his life playing this stupid game, no offense if you like it. I think the game is flat out a joke and would never play it. I HATE WARCRAFT WITH A PASSION.


I know that playing something you love is addictive. But every time that I walk by my neighbor’s room he’s playing World of Warcraft, some times he doesn’t even go to class because of it. That’s what I don’t get how can you sit in one spot for hours on end looking at a computer.

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