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Instructions Project


The Instructions Project asks each student to produce three clear, concise instruction documents in three different formats for three distinct audiences.

  1. A six-page guide booklet (six faces, three double-sided pages) for UNCW freshmen to be distributed during orientation: This booklet should contain information you wish you knew as an incoming freshman that wasn't documented in official materials. Because it will be distributed by the university, its contents should not contradict university policies nor violate copyright. The booklet will be standard 8.5" X 11" double-sided pages in grayscale.

  2. A poster explaining water aerobics for senior citizens to be hung at a community pool: This poster should communicate basics of water aerobics for an audience of senior citizens. Students likely will have to do independent research on this subject. The poster will be mounted at a community swimming pool. It will be a single-sided tabloid (11" X 17") sheet, and may be full color or grayscale.

  3. A package insert for a card game describing how to play: Students will learn the mechanics of a commercial card game by playing it in class. Each student will then create an instruction sheet insert that would fit in the card game's packaging. The dimensions of the insert will depend on the corresponding game packaging, and may be full color or grayscale. Information about the card games is available on the Card Game Resources page.

Professional writers are often tasked with producing such instructional documents, and despite common assumptions, helpful, audience-focused instructions are quite challenging to produce. A main goal for this project is for students to explore how different audiences, contexts, and purposes manifest in instruction sets that vary in form and function.

The guide booklet and package insert will be delivered in their final printed formats. The poster may be submitted in a printed format or as a .pdf file (this is because UNCW doesn't provide convenient large-format printing). All instruction documents must contain some multimedia elements that are not written text, such as images, figures, tables, diagrams, etc.


  1. Guide Booklet Design Plan (5% of project grade)
  2. Guide Booklet Draft and Usability Test (Engagement Assignment grade)
  3. Guide Booklet (20% of project grade)
  4. Guide Booklet Materials Analysis (5% of project grade)
  5. Poster Design Plan (5% of project grade)
  6. Poster Draft and Usability Test (Engagement Assignment grade)
  7. Poster (20% of project grade)
  8. Poster Materials Analysis (5% of project grade)
  9. Package Insert Design Plan (5% of project grade)
  10. Package Insert Draft and Usability Test (Engagement Assignment grade)
  11. Package Insert (20% of project grade)
  12. Package Insert Materials Analysis (5% of project grade)
  13. Postmortem (10% of project grade)

Course Information

Intro. to Professional Writing
ENG 204-004
MO 204
TR 12:30-1:45

Instructor Information

Dr. Jeremy Tirrell
Office: MO 150
Office Hours: TR 9:00-11:00 (and by appointment)

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