Materials Analysis

The Materials Analysis is a brief Google Document (~500 words) written from the perspective of the affected corporation's PR team. It explicates the features of each of your three materials (Press Release, Internal Memo, Video Message) and why they will be successful. The Materials Analysis thus must clarify how these materials target an audience, suit a context, and accomplish a purpose. Think of the Materials Analysis as a report you might have to give to corporate executives that explains how your Press Release, Internal Memo, and Video Message will achieve the desired results. An effective structure for the Materials Analysis is outlined below:

  1. Introduction: Introduce your topic by providing relevant background information about the current situation. Discuss what has happened, who has been affected, what the ramifications are, and what needs to be done to address it from a PR standpoint. You might think of the introduction as a distillation of the corresponding Crisis Analysis. The introduction is generally one or two paragraphs.

  2. Body: It may be more effective to treat the three materials as a unit, or it may be more effective to examine them separately while paying appropriate attention to the connections among them. Regardless, you should identify specific, concrete features of the materials and explain how those features help the materials target an audience, fit a context, and achieve a purpose. Actually point to specific elements of the documents and quote from them. The body should constitute the bulk of your Materials Analysis.

  3. Conclusion: Briefly reiterate what your materials accomplish and key ways that their features help them do this. You are clarifying what the intended outcome of releasing these materials is and how the materials will achieve it. The conclusion generally is no longer than a solid paragraph.

Remember that an analysis does not use first person; it should not talk about you nor your design process. The Materials Analysis is like a legal case. It should establish an argument to prove in the introduction. It should then present its evidence in the body. Lastly, it should make its closing argument in the conclusion.

Once you have completed your Materials Analysis, you will submit it to me electronically using the form below. Once your Google Doc is ready for submission, make certain that its "Share" setting is "Public on the Web." Feel free to contact me with specific questions.

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Intro. to Professional Writing
ENG 204-004
MO 204
TR 12:30-1:45

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Dr. Jeremy Tirrell
Office: MO 150
Office Hours: TR 9:00-11:00 (and by appointment)

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