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Review Project


The Review Project asks students to construct two journalistic video game reviews: one that is primarily textual (printed: at least 300 words) and one that is an audio or video recording (burned to CD: at least one minute, and including written script). The two reviews will focus on different video games, and they will adopt the styles of two existing venues. The only restriction on a student's choice of games and venues is that each game should be appropriate for its corresponding review context (in terms of genre, period, platform, demographics, etc.).


  1. Textual Review Design Plan (10 possible points)
  2. Textual Review (25 possible points)
  3. Textual Review Materials Analysis (10 possible points)
  4. Recorded Review Design Plan (10 possible points)
  5. Recorded Review (25 possible points)
  6. Recorded Review Materials Analysis (10 possible points)
  7. Postmortem (10 possible points)

Course Information

Writing and Video Games
ENG 496-022
MO 204
TR 11:00-12:15

Instructor Information

Dr. Jeremy Tirrell
Office: MO 150
Office Hours: TR 9:00-11:00 (and by appointment)

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