Green breakthrough for "biodiesel"

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To go along with the other topic, here is another topic about gasoline. Do you think this is a good plan or not? Do you have any other idea to help with this country's problem. Here is the address:

great plan

I think this bio-solution is an excellent idea if it can feasibly be introduced in the market. One of the critics said that it can't possibly compete with petroleuem fuels economically, so the new technology may have to be improved over the next few years before we can be introduced to "green gas".

sounds good but not good for all of us

This sounds like a great idea. I once did an independent study on the production of ethanol. I foud that there is twice as much energy in the creation of ethanol than the energy it produces. So this would be much better than the current process.
My only concern is for the farmers. Living in a rural area I have found that a lot of farmers have been very dependent on the success of ethanol. Farming is not a very profitable occupation. That is why there are subsidies for farmers. A lot of my neighbors are depending on the success of soybean produced ethanol. So I don't know how I feel about this subject. This news is also not good for the state of Indiana who just approved the construction of six new ethanol plants.


I think that biodiesel is a very good alternative fuel source that should really be taken seriously. Research on developing the process further to make it more economical should be put into action. Not only is it more environmentally friendly the country wouldn't have to deal with the gas prices rocketing.