Breast cancer treatment better but still brutal

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there has been a lot done lately (especially around PU - for instance, the, "i like boobs" shirts) to support breast cancer research. this article is from the CNN website. reading this made me in a way just want to go help the effort since it presents the personal story. although it has hit my family, it was a while ago...and hearing this lady's story brings back the reality of everything that goes with breast cancer. Hope you enjoy the article...

Breast Cancer

I thought this article was really good. It really allows the audience to feel what it truly feels like to have someone close to you be diagnosed with breast cancer. In high school, one of my friend's mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. It really took a toll on her, and it was sad to see how depressed she became. Her mom survived, and she looks great. The therapy was very difficult and tedious for her mom. It seems to work though! It saved her life!

pink ribbons...

This article was very well written and in a way moving, i have never had anyone i know who is close to me have/die of breast cancer, but i can only imagine and ive seen the things people who have experienced it or lost a loved one have gone through. After reading this it makes me appreciate being healthy even more, and realize exactly what those pink ribbons everyone wears are for and the storys behind them.

Breast Cancer

I thought this was a great article to read. I have definitely dealt with breast cancer in my family and with friends' families. It's hard. My grandma was diagnosed about 6 years ago and she is a survivor, but even now she has to get monthly shots and check-ups, which those are not exactly cheap. She still has so many bills to pay even though she doesn't even have the cancer anymore. It's sad because it could come back and that is why she has to pretty much be getting these shots and check-ups for the rest of her life. This article was so well said and very moving.
And a comment about those shirts; I think it's definitely the wrong way to promote breast cancer research.

There Needs to be More Support

There definitely needs to be more support and research put into a cure for breast cancer. The current methods are so hard on the body.
I had a math teach that was diagnosed mid year my sophomore year. After going through the necessary treatments she started to feel the effects. It got to the point where she couldn't stand and had to teach sitting at an overhead projector. She is a survivor now but the treatments made her suffer for quite some time. There has to be some way that isn't so punishing to patients. I definitely think there needs to be more effort and funding put into research in order to find a cure.
And I also agree that those shirts are not a way to promote breast cancer awareness.

good outlook

This is an interesting article that gives a good outlook on how to deal with cancer. The statistics the article gives about those who survie cancer and very slim. The treatment that all of these cancer patients go through to overcome this situation is tough. It is especially hard on all the families who have do deal with a loved one with cancer. Good adivise is given in the middle of the article that states it is better to keep the same routine. This does make it easier to deal with the situation because you are living your life as if nothing is wrong at all. It is also very helpful to have a positive outlook on life, especially when times are tough.

Breast Cancer

The article was very informing, and it was good to write it in a way that instead of being based on just listing facts it used a personal story that allowed the reader to really contact to this topic, especially if the reader has some how been affected by breast cancer.

breast cancer

this was a very good article. not only was it well written, but it also hit home for so many people. one of my best friend's mom survived of breast cancer. i know it was hard for my friend, as well as her family. so often we hear about breast cancer, but only through experience and articles such as this do we really catch a glimpse of this horrible disease.

very moving

I liked this article and enjoyed reading a personal story of someone's battle with breast cancer. I think that it is great that the support for this disease has increased and has become more public. It was good that this article emphasized the symptoms and also emphasized the importance of an annual check up.

breast cancer

My next door neighbor had to go through the chemotherapy also. She experienced the hair loss and had to wear a hat in public. I don't mind the "I heart boobs" shirts around campus, but I think that some may find them offensive, especially victims of breast cancer. I guess it's just how they take it.