Gene A. Tagliarini, Professor of Computer Science at UNCW, received the BA and MA degrees in Mathematics from the University of South Florida and the PhD in Computer Science from Clemson University. Dr. Tagliarini, who has served as Principal Investigator for Department of Defense, NSF, and industry contracts, is an active researcher in the fields of biologically inspired computing and STEM education. 

In particular, he was active in the development of networks that have been used for classification of sonar returns, fingerprint matching, image compression, classification of minerals, combinatorial optimization, and constraint satisfaction. Under funding from Allied Signal, Inc., he developed a genetic algorithm to design chemical structures possessing specific physical properties. Recently, he has applied wavelet processing techniques to both one- and two-dimensional signals, with special emphasis upon combining wavelet and neural processing paradigms. 

Dr. Tagliarini has also been actively involved in the design and implementation of graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and their supporting algorithms for a variety of applications. In an ongoing project funded by Square D Company (Seneca, SC), Dr. Tagliarini developed a GUI that enables manufacturing personnel to program a wire-harness-cutting robot directly from a description of the devices that must be connected by the harness.

Under funding from the NSF-sponsored SUCCEED Coalition, Dr. Tagliarini has supervised the development of a suite of graphical presentations that use the world-wide web to deliver the technical content of a first course in computer organization. With SBIR support from the Army TACOM and the Navy Air Warfare Center, he designed and supervised the implementation of a signal and image processing software toolkit that employs a GUI to enable a user to conduct research using wavelets, neural networks, and conventional signal and image processing algorithms. Under funding from the Defense Logistics Agency, he designed and implemented a hypermedia presentation of military garment specifications as well as verbal and graphical supplements and prepared the presentation for distribution using CD-ROM technology. Dr. Tagliarini has published over 60 research papers in the areas of multimedia software design, biologically inspired computing, computational intelligence, and STEM education.

Professor of Computer Science
University of North Carolina at Wilmington
Office: CIS 2038
Voice: (910) 962-7572 
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