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Coral Reef Research Group
and Nutrient Laboratory

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releasing gamete bundles
during coral spawning


WECT "Environmental Minute"
video clip on coral spawning

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Alina Szmant


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Welcome to the Coral Reef Research Group home page.  We are located in the Center for Marine Science Research at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.  Our research group is composed of scientists working on different aspects of coral physiology, coral reef ecology and effects of climate change on reef corals.


NEW 2011 Spring Break Coral Reef Field Course


         HON 120 course poster

        BIO 463 or BIO 491 course poster

        Course syllabus

        International Programs Study Abroad application

        UNCW divers application

        Photographs of Curacao



1)  Fill out the International Programs study abroad application and UNCW divers application forms (above).

2)  Put these into campus mail to Dr. Alina Szmant, Center for Marine Sciences.

3)  Do not send deposit now.You will be advised when you are accepted into the course and when to turn in $400 deposit to International Programs.



1)  Program fee $1200: includes lodging, all diving and dive gear, and activities in Curacao

2)  Airfare and luggage fees:somewhere between $800 - $900

3)  Food (estimate $300) and personal expenses

4)  Passport if you donít have one