Karen E. Spike

Department of Mathematics and Statistics

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Welcome to my Website!!
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Mrs. Karen Spike
Department of Mathematics 
and Statistics -- UNCW
Bear Hall, room 121
(910) 962-3823
Please come by during my office hours if you would like to talk with me.  
No appointment required:   Summer 2012, Bear Hall 121
                                                             9:00 - 10:00 Monday thru Friday.
Please make an appointment if you would like to see me at another time. 

[This summer I am teaching MAT 112 at 10:15 - 11:55 on Monday thru Friday.

Free Tutoring:
  The "Math Lab" is available in the University Learning Center on the first floor of Westside Hall.  No appointment is needed during open lab hours.  More about the Learning Center ( hours of operation, information on tutors, etc.) can be found on the website:  http://www.uncw.edu/ulc .  This is a great place to go to do your homework or study for tests.  [When you have a question, you can get an answer and continue working rather than "getting stuck" and giving up.]  There are excellent tutors in the Learning Center.  Use the above website to "meet" them and then pick a regular time to do your homework in the Learning Center.  You may use a computer in the Learning Center if you don't have easy access to a computer of your own.

Students who visit the Math Lab can also get help with math study skills and math anxiety. Math tutors help students make the transition to college mathematics as well as supporting students in math and statistics courses.  Math Services is now offering one-on-one appointments for MAT 112, MAT 115, MAT 141-142, MAT 161-2, and STT 215. Students can set their own appointments through our website: http://www.uncw.edu/ulc/appointmentinstructions.html

The Learning Center also has this link which gives additional resources to learning math:  http://www.uncw.edu/ulc/math/resources.html

It is also very helpful if you form a small "study group" with others in your class to meet on a regular basis to do the assigned homework and study for quizzes and tests. 

Math 112 has online course materials which can be accessed at http://www.coursecompass.com/ and on this website http://people.uncw.edu/spikek/mat112.htm

Check out these websites for information about careers associated with a degree in mathematics!
These sites also have links to other websites of general interest related to mathematics!
http://www.uncw.edu/math  and  http://www.uncw.edu/career/mathematics.html 

If you are a student new to this area you might like to check out the following websites.
Local links:
Wilmington:  http://www.ci.wilmington.nc.us/

Cape Fear: http://www.cape-fear.nc.us/


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 Picture of me at Grandfather Mountain in western North Carolina.
 Photos from Scotland - March 2008The "Scottish Ell" - a unit of measure.