Fiction House magazine - Western

These magazine are titles as "Two Western Action Books."

FHW-004 WALKER A. TOMPKINS Honkytonk Brand (split cover  for this story by Alan Anderson) bound with NORMAN A. FOX Shadow of the Gun-Hawk (No. 4, Spring 1951)

Only the Honkytonk Brand cover has an artist notation, and I assume the other may be by Anderson as well.  S'posedly the interior illustrations are by
Stanley Vestal, but not completely certain if the all are by this artist.  Still checking.

FHW-016  SAMUEL A. PEEPLES Marshal of Medicine Bend bound with TOM W. HOPKINS Drumfire Range (split cover artwork by Alan Anderson; Spring 1953)

Note that both of these stories have previously been published (noted on cover) and this suggests that these might be abridged editions. Abridged editions were pretty common in the reprint business prior to the 1960's and this is why many of the ACE volumes are either designated "complete and unabridged" or "abridged."

More to come!

Last update: 07 May 2021