Fiction House magazine - Mystery

These magazine are titles as "Two Complete Detective Books."

FH-001  ROBERT GEORGE DEAN Murder Makes A Merry Widow bound with ANTHONY MORTON Blue Mask (01 January 1939; listed as volume 1, number 1)

Note that both of these stories have previously been published (noted on cover) and this suggests that these might be abridged editions. Abridged editions were pretty common in the reprint business prior to the 1960's and this is why many of the ACE volumes are either designated "complete and unabridged" or "abridged." The inside cover has a "blurb" for each story and the back cover advertises two other 'detective' magazines (probably published by the same company). 

FH-002 DANA CHAMBERS Some Day I'll Kill You bound with JOHN STEPHEN STRANGE Silent Witnesses (Summer 1939)

FH-003 MARCO PAGE Fast Company bound with ELSPETH HUXLEY Murder On Safari (Fall 1939)

FH-005 M.V. HEBERDEN Death On The Doormat bound with MABEL SEELEY The Crying Sisters (Spring 1940)

Real Adventures Publishing Co., Inc., edited by Malcolm Reiss, cover price 25.

FH-006 DANA CHAMBERS Too Like the Lightning bound with WILLIAM SLOANE The Edge of Running Water (Summer 1940, volume 1, number 6)

FH-007 GEORGE DYER The People Ask Death bound with JOHN DICKSON CARR The Problem Of The Wife Cage (Fall 1940, volume 1, number 7)

FH-009 FRANCES and RICHARD LOCKRIDGE The Norths Meet Murder bound with GEORGE BAGBY The Corpse Wore A Wig (cover by George Gross; Spring 1941)

FH-010 KELLEY ROOS Made Up To Kill bound with CONSTANCE & GWENYTH LITTLE The Black Gloves (Summer 1941)

FH-011 DWIGHT V. BABCOCK A Homicide For Hannah bound with MARY COLLINS The Fog Comes (Fall 1941)

FH-016 MELBA MARLETT Death Has A Thousand Doors bound with CRAIG RICE The Right Murder (cover by George Gross; Winter 1942)

FH-018 CRAIG RICE The Big Midget Murders bound with CARTER DICKSON The Gilded Man (cover by George Gross; February 1943)

FH-021 WHITMAN CHAMBERS Bring Me Another Murder bound with CARTER DICKSON The Reader Is Warned (cover by George Gross; July 1943)

FH-022 CRAIG RICE 8 Faces At 3 bound with JOHN DICKSON CARR The Problem Of The Green Caps (cover by George Gross; September 1943)

FH-024 HAKE TALBOT Hangman's Handyman bound with CRAIG RICE The Corpse Steps Out (cover by George Gross; January 1944)

FH-024 (back cover)

FH-029 VERA KELSEY Satan Had Six Fingers bound with CLEVE F. ADAMS The Private Eye (cover by George Gross; November 1944)

FH-031 JAMES RONALD Death Croons The Blues bound with VAN SILLER Echo Of A Bomb (March 1945)

FH-032 FRANCES & RICHARD LOCKRIDGE Death On The Aisle bound with JEROME ODLUM The Morgue Is Always Open (cover by George Gross; May 1954)

FH-034 CONSTANCE and GWENYTH LITTLE The Black Honeymoon bound with VAN SILLER Under A Cloud (September 1945)

FH-037 E. X. FARRARS I Said The Fly bound with SAMUEL MICHAEL FULLER The Dark .... (cover by George Gross; March 1946)

FH-038 MANNING LONG Bury The Hatchet bound with MILES BURTON Not A Leg To Stand On (May 1946)

Real Adventures Publishing Co., Inc., edited by Jack Byrne, cover price 25.

FH-039 MARY PLUM State Department Cat bound with VAN SILLER Somber Memory (July 1946)

FH-045 JOHN GEARON The Velvet Well bound with SARA ELIZABETH MASON Murder Rents A Room (cover by George Gross; July 1947)

FH-047 MARTY HOLLAND The Glass Heart bound with LAWRENCE TREAT H As In Hunted (cover by George Gross; November 1947)

FH-048 DANA CHAMBERS Darling, This Is Death bound with LAWRENCE TREAT Q As In Quicksand (cover by George Gross; January 1948)

FH-049 FRANCES & RICHARD LOCKRIDGE Death of a Tall Man bound with FRANKLIN JAMES Killer in the Kitchen (cover by George Gross; March 1948)

FH-052 JOHN GODEY The Blue Hour bound with D. B. OLSEN Gallows For The Groom (cover by George Gross; September 1948)

FH-053 JOHN GODEY The Gun and Mr. Smith bound with THOMAS BLACK The Pinball Murders (November 1948)

FH-054 DAVID GOODIS Nightfall bound with OLIVER WELD BAYER Brutal Question (January 1949)

FH-055 EDWARD S. AARONS Nightmare bound with J. F. HUTTON Seller Of Souls (PBO; March 1949)

FH-057 VAN SILLER Kiss And Kill bound with JEAN LESLIE A Hair Of The Dog (cover by George Gross; July 1949)

FH-059 JEAN LESLIE Shoes For My Love bound with SELDON TRUSS Where's Mr. Chumley? (November 1949)

FH-060 RICHARD WORMSER The Dead Tycoon bound with MAUREEN SARSFIELD Green December Fills The Graveyard (January 1950)

FH-063 DAY KEENE If The Coffin Fits bound with REX RUSSELL The Blue Men (cover by George Gross; July 1950)

FH-064 JOE BARRY Fall Guy bound with LUCY CORES Painted For The Kill (September 1950)

FH-066 RICHARD SALE Lazarus #7 bound with WADE MILLER The Corpse Walked Away! (cover by George Gross; January 1951)

Note that one of these stories has previously been published (noted on cover) and this suggests that this story might be an abridged edition.

FH-067 FREDRIC BROWN Compliments of a Fiend bound with CLEVE F. ADAMS Too Fair To Die (cover by George Gross; March 1951)

FH-068 LEWIS PADGETT The Brass Ring bound with DOCTOR X The Cadaver Of Gideon Wyck (cover by George Gross; Summer 1951)

FH-069 WILLIAM IRISH Phantom Lady bound with JOE BARRY The Clean-Up (cover by George Gross; Winter 1951)

FH-071 FREDERICK DAVIS The Cocktail Murders bound with RICHARD SALE Passing Strange (Summer 1952)

FH-072  CORNELL WOOLRICH The Bride Wore Black bound with MICHAEL INNES The Paper Thunderbolt (cover by George Gross; Winter 1952)

FH-073 ROBERT GEORGE DEAN Murder Makes A Merry Widow bound with HELEN NIELSEN Obit Delayed (Spring 1953)

FH-075 FRANK KANE Poisons Unknown bound with JOHN GODEY This Year's Death (Winter 1953)

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