Fiction House magazine - Science Fiction

These magazine are titles as "Two Complete Science-Adventures Books."

Winter 1950 (No. 1)

ISAAC ASIMOV Pebble In The Sky bound with L. Ron Hubbard The Kingslayer

Spring (Jan-Mar) 1951 (No. 2)

EDMOND HAMILTON The Star Kings bound with ARTHUR C. CLARKE Seeker Of The Sphinx

Summer 1951 (No. 3)

JAMES BLISH Sword of Xota bound with NEIL R. JONES The Citadel In Space (New Durna Rangue Novel)

Winter 1951 (No. 4)

H. G. WELLS The Time Machine bound with L. SPRAGUE DeCAMP The Tritonian Ring

Interior artwork by Vestal (and others).

Spring (Jan. - Mar.) 1952 (No. 5)

ANAXIAMANDER POWELL The Outcasts of Venus bound with JACK WILLIAMSON The Humanoids

Summer 1952 (No. 6)

PAUL LAWRENCE PAYNE The Cructars Are Coming! bound with WILLIAM GREY BEYER Minions Of The Moon

Winter 1952 (No. 7)

ANSON McDONALD (aka ROBERT HEINLEIN) Beyond This Horizon bound with ALFRED COPPEL The Magellanics

Spring 1953 (No. 8)

JAMES BLISH Sargasso of Lost Cities bound with VARGO STATTEN Survivor of Mars

Summer 1953 (No. 9)

KILIAN HOUSTON BRUNER The Wanton of Argus bound with BRYAN BARRY Mission to Marakee

Cover art (and some interior illustrations) by Kelly Freas.

Winter 1953 (No. 10)

POUL ANDERSON Silent Victory bound with JOHN D. MacDONALD Ballroom Of The Skies

Cover art (and some interior illustrations) by Kelly Freas.

Spring 1954 (No. 11)

DAN WILCOX Tombot! bound with BRYAN BERRY Worlds Held Captive

Cover art (and some interior illustrations) by Kelly Freas.

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