All of the photomicrographs are taken using a BH-2 Olympus transmitted (and reflected) polarized light microscope. The thin-sections used are standard (30 micron thick) and epoxy-impregnated. In some of the slides, stain has been applied to help differentiate between plagioclase and potassium feldspar, or the carbonate minerals. Field of view, magnification, and type of observation (i.e., plane polarized vs. cross polarized) will be indicated.

Stallings Pottery Project (South Carolina region) - These photomicrographs are now available

Michael Trinkley and the Chicora Foundation sponsored this research. Another researcher with interests in Stallings pottery is Ken Sassaman at the University of Florida at Gainesville. Click here to go to his research summary for Stallings pottery.


Ft. Bragg Ceramics Project (eastern Piedmont, North Carolina) - These photomicrographs are now available


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