Midwood Books - Image Library

These volumes are generally listed as "A Midwood Double Novel."  These Midwood double volumes are probably re-used and combined from the extensive Midwood library in this genre.  Some of these have full-page illustrations, but have yet to find one with an artist name or initials.

34-541 LAURA DUCHAMP The Switch Set  bound with LAWRENCE BLACK Delicate Tramp (c.1967)

34-541 (back cover)

Listed as a "Another Giant Midwood Book."

34-561 CONNIE NELSON Lady of Leisure bound with TONI STEVENS Never Let Me Go (photo cover; 1965; listed as "First Printing Anywhere")

34-561 (back cover)

"Two Thrilling New Novels" Listed as "Illustrated."

34-581 BARBARA BROOKS Angel Face bound with JOHN BALMER House Pet (photo cover; 1966)

Listed as "Illustrated" and "TWO exciting novels about TWO naughty nymphets!"

34-609 CHARLES CASTLEMAN Season of Sin bound with CONNIE NELSON Daytime Lovers (cover by Rader; nd; listed as "First Printing Anywhere")

Listed as "Illustrated."

34-740  JIM CONROY Suburban Fling bound with CHAD DENBY Sophisticated Party (photo cover; 1966; listed as "First Printing Anywhere" and PBO)

34-740 (back cover)

35-110 TERRY CASH Beach Stud bound with JACK HOLT Sex In The Sun (cover by Rader; nd)

"Two complete books under one cover."


61322 DON STARR Summer of Sin bound with Campus Tramp (photo cover; nd)

61322 (back cover)

Listed as a "Giant Midwood Double."


LAURA DUCHAMP A Big Girl Now bound with JOHN JAMESON Up For Sale (photo cover; 1967)

Listed as "First Big Printing."

More to come!

Last update: 01 Febuary 2021