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Manor Books has only (so far) yielded three examples of a double format volume. Interestingly the cover art is split (vertically) in the first two volumes and appears as if it was stripped from two separate covers and juxtaposed together (all before the advent of PHOTOSHOP software). If any AIL user has insight into this publisher, please drop me an e-gram.

95251 PEGGY GADDIS Nurse Hilary and FLORENCE STUART Research Nurse (1973; split cover artwork; Nurse Romance)

Listed as "Two Complete Novels In One" with a price slashed from $1.50 to 95.

95274 PAUL EVAN LEHMAN Fighting Sons of Texas and CHUCK MARTIN Box Star Buckaroo (1973; split cover artwork; Western)

Listed as "Double Western" with "Two Complete Novels in One" and the price slashed from $1.50 to 95.

19180 JOHN LYMINGTON The Grey Ones (c.1960) bound with A Sword Above the Night (c.1962; May 1978; single cover artwork; Science Fiction)

Listed as "A Manor Double Science Fiction" with price of $1.95. Two stories by John Lymington.

More to come!

Last update: 01 February 2021