What to Bring




  1. A passport that is valid through your return date (this is all you need to enter Belize).
  2. A round trip airplane ticket. American, Continental, USAirways, Delta and TACA are the only airlines that fly into Belize from airports in North Carolina, including Charlotte, Raleigh and Wilmington. You may contact your local travel agent or go to any of the on-line travel services for quotes on fares.
  3. Make certain Dr. Simmons has your application form, deposit and final payment, and specific arrival and departure times.
  4. Make certain Dr. Simmons has your mobile telephone number.
  5. Make sure to schedule a visit with your family doctor or university health center and be advised by them as to what health precautions are to be taken for traveling in Belize.



Supplies we highly recommend you bring:



Supplies you might consider bringing (optional items):