Dr. Karl Ricanek, Jr. (Associate Professor)

curriculum vita
Director of Face Aging Group (http://faceaginggroup.com)
University of North Carolina Wilmington
Computer Science Dept, CIS Building Rm. 2042

voice: (910) 962-4261
fax: (910) 962-7457
email: ricanekk AT uncw.edu

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Office Hours:  Tuesday and Thursday 1:30 - 3:00 pm, other times available upon request. Students may use Outlook to schedule appointments or email or call (x24261).


Current Courses

Spring 2013



Prior Courses

Fall 2011


Spring 2011

Fall 2010

  Spring 2010 (CIS Building Computer Lab Hours: Sun - Thurs 7 - 10 pm)

Fall 2009

Spring 2009

Fall 2008

Spring 2008

Fall 2007
CSC-105-14 "Introduction to Computers and Computing Applications" BR 165 MWF 2-2:50 pm




Age estimation, Gender and Race Classification, Biometric Systems: Face Recognition, Ocular / Periocular, Iris, Forensic Face
Computer & Machine Vision (image recognition to precision metrology systems)
Machine Intelligence (neural networks, mean field annealing, evolutionary systems, etc.)


See www.faceaginggroup.com to learn more about my research, publications, and contracts in the Biometrics arena.




Computer Science Dept.