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General Archaeological Links Hominids and Biological Anthropology Links
Society for American Archaeology BBC Primates site
Archnet Smithsonian Human Evolution Site
Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site International Primate Protection League
Hopewell Culture National Historic Park  
Center for American Archeology (Kampsville) Archaeological Sciences Links
Powell Archaeological Research Center Society for Archaeological Sciences
National Archaeological Database ACS Division of Archaeological Chemistry
The Comparative Archaeology Web Radiocarbon Dating
National Historic Register Palynology and Coprolite Analysis Resources
History of Farming Texas A&M Conservation Handbook
The food timeline NIST Chemistry Webbook--good for residue work
  British Archaeology Links
Fieldwork Links Virtual walks around Stonehenge
Archaeological Fieldwork Opportunities Stonehenge site report with maps
Archaeology Fieldwork Server Avebury Virtual Tour
eCultural Resources--CRM jobs, etc. More views from Avebury and Stonehenge
Southeastern Archaeology Links Old World Archaeology Links
RiverWeb--Mississippian Background The Ancient Egypt Site
Southern Coastal Heritage Program Catal Hoyuk website
National Parks Service Outline of Southeastern and Caribbean Prehistory Ain Ghazal site reports
North Carolina Archaeology Society Oriental Institute Museum
Mississippian artifact descriptions Tell Sabi Abyad website
North Carolina SHPO  Ancient Near East site
Southeastern Archaeological Conference Harappa online--the Indus Valley culture
LMV Bibliography Shang Dynasty Links
General Anthropology Links Theban Mapping Project--Very fun!!
American Anthropological Association Oriental Institute Lost Iraqi Artifact database
Southern Anthropological Society Fun Links
Good Citizenship Links US Census website
New Hanover County Board of elections Cape Fear Fencing Association
Breast Cancer website--click to give a free mammogram TerraServer--Topographic maps
Wilmington city web page New Hanover County Library
General Reference Sites Topozone--More topographic maps
Keoz6.com:  a science vertical portal Oxford English Dictionary online
Archaeology.about:  a general web portal about archaeology New York Times online
  Jim Reber's website--investment advice from my Dad
  Art Reber's website--many strange things from my brother
Picture for Fencing Anna Pilston's website--good things to read from my cousin