"To be human is to live in a world that is filled with significant places: to be human is to have and to know your place."

E.C. Relph (Place and Placelessness, 1976)

Umpqua National Forest, Oregon

About Us

I am an assistant professor of Applied Geography passionate about finding ways to expand education beyond the classroom, synergistic and collaborative work, Africa, nutrition and travel.

Chobe River Basin, Botswana


I believe that only a scientifically-literate and broadly educated citizenry can help us overcome today's seemingly intractable problems. And it begins with global awareness rooted in local involvement.

Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal


Together with my graduate students in the Socio-Environmetal Analysis Lab, we work on issues of land change science, focusing on shared water resources, population vulnerability and climate change.

Smith Rock, Oregon

Recent Publications

I publish mostly in interdisciplinary, geography and natural resources management journals. Please follow this link to see a list of my recent publications.

Impala Africa


Please check this page for various resources ranging from student grant opportunities, useful data and other announcements.

Africa wet season Thamalakane


My insatiable thirst for exploration took me from a small mining town in Romania to several corners of the Earth. This is a small sampling of the beauty I have experienced.