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Human Anatomy and Physiology



INSTRUCTOR:      Dr. Linda F. Potts   

OFFICE:                2019 Friday Hall

OFFICE HOURS:  Wednesday 12-1, Fridays by appointment                                                    


PHONE:                 962-3352



Welcome to the first half of the Human Anatomy and Physiology Course Bio 240-241! In Bio 240, you will complete the first semester of a two semester course and begin to learn the concepts of human anatomy and physiology through the comprehensive study of the microscopic and gross structure of the human body, and through comprehensive physiological study of the cellular function, regulation, and integration of the major organ systems.  Major emphasis will be on the proper use of anatomical terms, cellular form and function, histology of various tissues, the skeletal system, muscular system, nervous system, special senses, and the endocrine system.  Learning objectives can be found on the syllabus.  Below you will find links to the course syllabi (lecture and lab), PowerPoint lectures, written lecture notes, handouts for lecture and lab, practice tests, and important class announcements.  All of these items described above are at your disposal to assist you in your assimilation of the material.  Before you begin Anatomy and Physiology Bio 240, please print off and read the lecture and lab syllabi completely, carefully, and thoroughly. Also, please see the Keys to Success link below to read a few comments from me to help you succeed in the course.  Be sure to continually check this site for I will periodically update important course information.




Lecture Syllabus
Written Lecture Notes PowerPoint Lectures Lecture Handouts
Test Dates Announcements and Helpful Links Practice Tests Current Exam Keys  
Lab Syllabus
Histology Lab PowerPoints and Lab Handouts   Keys to Success Did You Know?

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