The Book of the American Indian

Written by Hamlin Garland
Pictured by Frederic Remington

About the selection of Remington's illustrations

Edited by Keith Newlin

Remington's Illustrations

  • An Indian Scout
  • A Kiowa Maiden
  • The Red Manís Parcel Post
  • A Cow-Puncher Visiting an Indian Village
  • An Apache Indian
  • At an Apache Indian Agency
  • The Romantic Adventure of Old Sunís Wife
  • The Medicine Manís Signal
  • The Ghost Dance
  • On an Indian Reservation
  • In a Stiff Current
  • A Modern Comanche Indian
  • A Band of Piegan Indians in the Mountains
  • Footprints in the Snow
  • Geronimo and His Band Returning From a Raid in Mexico
  • An Indian Brave
  • In an Indian Camp
  • Crow Indians Firing into the Agency
  • An Indian Trapper
  • A Questionable Companionship
  • The Arrest of the Scout
  • An Indian Duel
  • Cheyenne Scouts Patrolling the Big Timber of the North Canadian, Oklahoma
  • Indians Reconnoitering from a Mountain-Top.
  • The Brave Cheyennes Were Running Through the Frosted Hills
  • Campaigning in Winter
  • Indians as Soldiers
  • An Indian Dream
  • Burning the Range
  • An Old-Time Northern Plains Indian
  • An Indian Chief
  • A Fantasy from The Pony War Dance
  • Chis-Chis-Chash Scout on the Flanks
  • Scouts
  • On the Little Big Horn


Remington: An Indian Scout

An Indian Scout

A Band of Piegan Indians in the Mountains

A Band of Piegan Indians in the Mountains

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