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Hamlin Garland: A Bibliography, 
with a Checklist of Unpublished Letters

Edited by Keith Newlin

Pulitzer Prize winner Hamlin Garland was an incredibly prolific author, producing hundreds of books, pamphlets, and articles during his career. He was also a prolific correspondent who made a habit of seeking out and writing to the leading cultural figures of his day. Unfortunately, scholars have had difficulty accessing Garland's work because no reliable bibliography existed and because there was no single catalog of his letters, which are divided among approximately 88 archives. In his bibliography, Newlin includes all of Garland's published work, including books, short stories, contributions to periodicals and books, and articles that quote Garland extensively. He also includes a partially annotated checklist of Garland's published and unpublished letters.

Cover of Hamlin Garland Bibliography

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April 1998
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