Garland In His Own Time

Edited and Introduction by Keith Newlin     




Franklin Garland, [Garland’s Iowa, Dakota, and Boston Years, 1874–1890]

Edwin C. Torrey, [Garland in Dakota in 1883]

Horace Traubel, [Discussing Garland with

Walt Whitman, 1888–1889]

Mary E. Strout, [Garland as a Teacher in 1889]

Harriet E. Halliman, et al., [Garland as a Teacher in 1890]

Julie Herne, [Garland in Boston, 1889–1890]

B. O. Flower, [Garland and The Arena, 1890]

Elia Peattie and Robert Burns Peattie, [Garland at the Populist Convention in 1892]

William Allen White, [Garland as a Radical in 1892]

Edwin Markham, [Journal Comments on Garland in 1893]

Eugene Field, [The Battle of the Realists and Romanticists in 1893]

Ida E. Tilson, [Garland in West Salem, 1893–1915]

Mary Jane Ewing, [Garland as a West Salem Resident, 1893–1915]

Mary Jane Ewing, [An Alternate View of Garland in West Salem, 1893–1915]

Theodore Roosevelt, [Letters about Garland, 1894]

Elbert Hubbard, [Satiric Commentary on Garland, 1895–1899]

Eugene Field, From “I State My Views on Taxation” (1896)

Charles Fletcher Lummis, [Satiric Commentary on Garland in 1896]

Grant Richards, [Garland in London in 1899]

Isabel Garland Lord, [Garland’s Marriage, 1899–1906]

C. Watt Brandon, From “On the Trail with Hamlin Garland” (1907)

William Dean Howells, From “Mr. Garland’s Books” (1912)

Fred Lewis Pattee, [Letter about Interviewing Garland in 1915]

Ralph Fletcher Seymour, [Garland at the Cliff Dwellers in 1915]

Isabel Garland Lord, [Life in the Garland Home, 1916]

Theodore Roosevelt, “An Appreciation of Hamlin Garland” (1917)

Isabel Garland Lord, [Garland and the Automobile in 1920]

Oscar Cargill, [Letter about Garland in New York in 1921]

Joseph E. Chamberlin, From “Hamlin Garland — The Hardy of the West” (1926)

Eldon Hill, [Journal Comments on Garland in 1929]

Sinclair Lewis, From “Text of Sinclair Lewis’s Nobel Prize Address at Stockholm” (1930)

Eldon Hill, [Journal Comments on Garland in 1931]

Isabel Garland Lord, [Garland in California, 1931–1933]

Lee Shippey, [Garland’s Work Habits, 1932]

Paul Jordan-Smith, [Letter Commenting on Garland in California in 1933]

Isabel Garland Lord, [Garland’s Seventy-third Birthday, 1933]

Gladys Hasty Carroll, [Diary Impressions of Garland in 1933]

William Ellery Leonard, [Letter about Garland in Wisconsin, 1935]

Eldon Hill, [Journal Comments on Garland in 1936]

M. Lisle Reese, [The Hamlin Garland Memorial, 1936]

Isabel Garland Lord, [Garland and Psychic Investigation, 1937]

Floyd Logan, “Hamlin Garland, Active at 77, Enjoys Life in California Home” (1938)

W. D. Addison, [Letter about a Visit with Garland in 1938]

Isabel Garland Lord, [Garland’s Final Days in 1940]

Edgar Lee Masters and Theodore Dreiser, [Letters about the Death of Garland, 1940]

Bailey Millard, “Hamlin Garland as I Knew Him” (1940)

Lee Meriwether, “My Friend Hamlin Garland” (1940)

Irving Bacheller, “A Little Story of a Friendship” (1940)

Carroll Sibley, “Hamlin Garland: Delightful Host” (1940)

Booth Tarkington, “Hamlin Garland” (1942)

Alice Field Garland, [Letter about Garland and His Brother, 1950]

Post Wheeler and Hallie Erminie Rives, From Dome of Many-Coloured Glass (1955)

August Derleth, [A Literary Tribute, 1960]

Witter Bynner, [A Tribute from a McClure’s Apprentice, 1960]

Harold S. Latham, [A Tribute from Garland’s Macmillan Editor, 1960]

Vilhjalmur Stefansson, [On Garland and His Fans, 1960]

Garland Greever, “Hamlin Garland and the University of Southern California” (1960)

Kathleen Norris, [On Garland’s Early Praise, 1960]

Hermann Hagedorn, “Like the Postman, Fame Rang His Doorbell Twice” (1960)

Leland D. Case, [A Tribute from the Editor of the Rotarian, 1960]

Constance Garland Doyle, [Garland as a Father, 1960]

Van Wyck Brooks, [On Garland’s Later Years, 1960]

John Farrar, [A Tribute from the Editor of Bookman, 1960]

Harold S. Latham, From My Life in Publishing (1965)

Van Wyck Brooks, From An Autobiography (1965)

Floyd Logan, From “A Memoir: Hamlin Garland” (1968)

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