The Book of the American Indian

Written by Hamlin Garland
Pictured by Frederic Remington

Edited by Keith Newlin


Hamlin Garland, Crow Reservation, 1909
Selected Bibliography
A Note on the Texts
Map of Reservations Visited by Garland, 1895-1905

The Book of the American Indian

In an Indian Camp
In an Indian Camp

Wahiah—A Spartan Mother
The Iron Khiva
The New Medicine House
Rising Wolf—Ghost Dancer
The River’s Warning
Lone Wolf’s Old Guard
Big Moggasen
The Storm-Child
The Blood Lust
The Remorse of Waumdisapa
A Decree of Council
Drifting Crane
The Story of Howling Wolf
The Silent Eaters

I. The Beginnings of Power
II. Policy and Council
III. The Battle of the Big Horn
IV. Dark Days of Winter
V. The Chief Surrenders Himself
VI. In Captivity
VII. He Opposed All Treaties
VIII. The Return of the Spirits
IX. The Message of Kicking Bear
X. The Dance Begins
XI. The Breaking of the Peace Pipe
XII. The Chief Proposes a Test
XIII. The Chief Plans a Journey
XIV. The Death of the Chief


  1. 1. The Red Man’s Present Needs
  2. 2. The Redman as Material

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