Masks from Around the World
(photographs by Julie Bordo; page composition and text by Terry Mount)

From the program of the Cape Fear Foreign Language Collaborative (November 3, 2001).  Collaborative members interested in more information on this program (access to these and other photos on disk and some "hard copy" information") may request the "Mask" folder from Joann Mount.

  Italian masks for Carnivale shared by Agnese Ille.







  <A wooden mask from Kenya, from the collection of Joann  Mount.

Mexican "Viejito" mask (wood), Michoacán, México.  Used in traditional dance of "los viejitos".   Shared by Terry Mount. >





















Self-portrait, inspired by Don Quijote, executed as a gauze mask by Julie Bordo.  She has stars in her eyes to represent idealism and jewel tears running down her cheeks.
/\ Miniature masks from Julie Bordo's collection.



<Maya mask from Guatemala.  Collection of Julie Bordo.


Ceramic Central American mask, from the collection of Joann Mount. >













Julie Bordo brought other masks from her collection, from Costa Rica and Haiti.




<Mexican calavera (skull) from the collection of Peter Thomas.


Ecuadorian canine mask, collection of Peter Thomas.













<Mexican calavera mask, collection of John Stevens

Four Mexican masks, John Stevens' collection>










<John Stevens' beaked Mexican mask.



<Maite Woodhouse's Chaser of Evil Spirits (by Susan Woodhouse), the mask at work.  

Gladys Wade shared some student-made masks and distributed a booklet for making African masks with readily-available materials.>