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This is the web page of Dr. Marvin K. Moss, Professor, Department of Physics and Physical Oceanography, who also regularly teaches in UNCW's Environmental Studies Program.  The main purpose of this web page is to provide assistance and help to students taking a new course under developed at UNCW by Dr. Moss over the past year, Global Environmental Issues listed as Environmental Studies 205.  Also included is the syllabus for Dr. Moss' section of EVS 495, EVS Senior Seminar, plus other items of possible interest.

The course behind this web site, EVS 205, is intended for students interested in systematically studying several major environmental issues facing society today.  More and more the exploding world population is causing stress to the Earth's environment.  For the first time in history we are beginning to see possible long-term impacts from man's relentless pursuit of better standards of living, using more and more energy and demanding more products, from food to shelter to transportation.  This course is designed to add significantly to a students perspective in understanding at least several of these major issues.  Particular focus will be on the areas of ozone depletion, global warming and the greenhouse effect, acid rain and, implicitly, some of the phenomena associated with El Nino events.

These major global issues will be approached in a systematic, scientific but yet policy oriented way, in turn leading to an in depth knowledge base of the underlying phenomena and their manifestations for the health of our global society, both collectively and individually.  The course should be of interest not only to EVS majors but also other students who have a keen interest in our global environment.

The class materials are designed for presentation at the freshman and sophomore levels.  As such there are no prerequisites.  Whatever background is needed will be adequately covered during class periods.  Algebra will be used whenever necessary or desired, as well as elementary aspects of the basic sciences including physics, chemistry and geology.

Since a majority of the students in this the first several offering of the course are EVS juniors and seniors, class material will be embellished to some extent with higher levels of mathematics and science on order to give the students a better appreciation of some issues.  Still, no prerequisites are required.

The links below provide access to various features.  Most importantly is the link to the syllabus for the EVS 205 and for EVS 495.    Navigation details will be briefly discussed during the first several class periods of both courses.



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