A list of useful data sources

Beach Cam - Live View

The CASL has a monitoring camera located in Wrightsville Beach, NC atop Station One Condominium. The goal of the camera system is to remotely monitor beach erosion and explore monitoring other beach characteristics such as rip current occurence and beach occupancy. The camera started collecting images in June of 2013. The camera is set to take multiple time stacked and high resolution images each hour. After the images have been collected, they are processed using machine learning algorithms to automatically classify which regions of the image are dune, beach, water, or foam. After this classification, the positon of the coastline is determined and we are therefore able to produce a time series of coastal erosion and accretion.

NC Buoy Data

The CASL uses NOAA's National Data Buoy Center for many research purposes and we currently archive the buoys closest to our coast.

Station Description Data
JMPN7 Johnny Mercer Pier, Wrightsville Beach, NC
4110 Masonboro Inlet, ILM2, NC
41013 Frying Pan Shoals, NC
41108 Wilmington Harbor, NC

Narrabeen-Collaroy Beach Historical Survey Program

From Narrabeen:

"The monthly beach profile survey program at Narrabeen reached its 40-year milestone in April 2016. Online access to this dataset now facilitates its unrestricted use by the international coastal research community. It is envisaged that open access to these data may provide additional stimulus to coastal morphodynamic modellers to develop, test and (it is hoped) significantly advance the next generation of beach erosion-recovery hindcasting and forecasting tools. It is also hoped that this website can be a useful educational resource for students and teachers. As a discipline, our ability to predict anticipated coastal changes in the context of a changing climate is presently in its relative infancy. In the meantime, as the current custodians of this unique resource, it is the intention that collection of monthly profile data at Narrabeen will continue for the foreseeable future and be provided here, as our contribution to generations who follow.""