Narratives of Conflict: From Reflection to Action





Peace and Conflict Communication Division

Schedule Information:

Scheduled Time: Sun, Nov 19 - 11:00am - 12:15pm  Building/Room: Convention Center / Room 216 A
Title Displayed in Event Calendar: Narratives of Conflict: From Reflection to Action

Session Participants:

Team Trespasses/Oganizational Divides

*Diana Denton (Univ of Waterloo)

Battle Wounds/ The Way We Were

*Natai Marie Shelsen (University of Waterloo)

Emotional Distance/Phone Calls

*Meaghan Anna Hoffmann (Univ of Waterloo)

Reflections of the Heart/A Desired Approach

*Candice M Rotchford (University of Waterloo)

Chair: Kate Willink (University of Waterloo) 





This panel will feature personal narratives as a way of providing a more fully developed understanding of conflict and conflict management. Panelists will explore experiences of conflict (intrapersonal, interpersonal, intergroup, and organizational) in narrative form. They will offer reflections, insights, conclusions and comments based on narrative analysis. The purpose of this panel is to demonstrate the effective use of auto-ethnography and narrative analysis as a research method in peace and conflict studies. Panelists will analyze the reflective process required for the creation and internalization of the narrative and address how this reflexivity expands and deepens understanding and action in conflict situations.