MIT502 - Systematic Approach to Performance Improvement
Spring 2014

Course Description

Introduction to theories and techniques for solving training and non-training problems in business, industry, and other performance-oriented organizations. Projects include needs assessment, analysis, solution selection, and job and task analysis.

Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to the field of human performance technology (HPT).  It examines basic concepts and principles of human performance, human performance system models, and various approaches to solving human performance problems.  In depth analysis of performance improvement interventions (performance support systems, job analysis/work design, personal development, human resource development, organizational communication, organizational design and development, financial systems) and their implementation within organizations is emphasized.

Florence Martin


Florence Martin is an Assistant Professor in Instructional Technology. She received her doctorate in Educational Technology from Arizona State University. Before becoming a full time professor she worked at University of Phoenix, Cisco Learning Institute, Intel and Arizona State University. Her expertise are in instructional design, performance technology, corporate training and distance learning. Her research interests are instructional elements, multimedia design and development, performance improvement, and digital visual literacy. Check instructor's website for more information.

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What is CPT?

The letters “CPT” following a person’s name stand for Certified Performance Technologist. This certification is awarded by the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) to experienced practitioners in the field of organizational performance improvement whose work meets both performance-based Standards of Performance Technology and application requirements developed by ISPI. CPT certification

UNCW - MIT Program

The Master of Science degree in Instructional Technology (MT) program provides advanced professional training for teachers and school technology coordinators; business and industry personnel such as executives, trainers, and human resource development employees; persons in the health care field; and community college instructors. The program focuses on the theory and practice of design and development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning. It emphasizes product development and utilization of advanced technology and provides applied training in the total design, development, implementation, and evaluation of educational and training programs. For more details please visit MIT program website.