EDN 509 DECISION 2 Write either Yes or No in the blanks provided:


______1.  Hypodescent refers to the low status ascribed to the offspring of two parents where one                        of the parents is regarded as "low status"  and the other "high status".

______2.  The key goal of the multicultural curriculum should be to help students develop                                            decision‑making and citizen‑action skills.

______3. It is unnecessary for students to view events and situations from the perspectives of                              several disciplines because any one discipline gives them a complete understanding of  issues and concepts related to ethnic and cultural diversity in society.

______4.  Generalizations are low‑level, specific empirical statements about limited phenomena.

______5.  Facts are empirical statements, or statements that can be tested with available data or data                   that can be obtained.

______6. Concepts are words or phrases that enable us to categorize or classify a large class of                           observations and thus reduce the complexity of our social environment.

______7.  A fact contains two or more concepts and states the relationship between them.

______8.  All facts are at a higher level than generalizations.

______9.  Almost always, social science generalizations will have some exceptions.

_____10. During initial planning, you should identify generalizations of the highest order so that                           you can then select content samples from a variety of cultures to enable students to test   them.

_____11. Theory is the highest form of knowledge and is most useless for predicting human                                 behavior.

_____12. One of the four major generalizations of Gordon's theory of cultural and structural                                assimilation is stated:  "With a person of the same social class but of a different ethnic   group, one shares behavioral similarities but not a sense of peoplehood."

_____13. Gordon's theory hypothesizes that even though upper‑status individuals within different                        ethnic groups share similar values and behavior, their close, primary group relationships  are highly confined to members within their ethnic groups of the same social class.

_____14. Cultural assimilation occurs when one ethnic group refutes the values and behavior                               patterns of another ethnic group.

_____15.  Gordon maintains that in America, our society has a high degree of structural assimilation                    but is characterized by cultural pluralism.

_____16.  By "sense of peoplehood", Gordon means an individual's identification with a group that                      shares a common culture, religious beliefs, and values.

_____17. With regard to social participation in primary group and primary relationships,                                       people tend to confine these to their own social class segment within their own ethnic group‑‑i.e., their "ethclass".









YES  1.

YES  2.



YES  5.

YES  6.

NO   7.  GENERALIZATION...Not a fact...

NO   8.  Converse: SWAP facts with generalizations

YES  9.

YES 10.


YES 12.

YES 13.

NO  14.  Not refutes... ATTAINS

NO  15.  Converse: SWAP structural assimilation with               cultural pluralism

YES 16.

YES 17.