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Dr. C. Allen Lynn

Associate Professor

Department of Instructional Technology, Foundations, and Secondary Education

EB 379 
(910) 962-2483 Phone
(910) 962-3609 Fax

Courses Taught

EDN 265: Teaching ESL Learners 
EDN 511: Introduction to English as a Second Language

EDN 316: Second Language Acquisition Research and Theory
EDN 516: Second Language Acquisition
EDN 515: Second Language Acquisition

Research Interests

Marginalized ESOL populations, social networks, and distance learning


Journal Articles

Gilhooly, D., Lynn, C. (2017). Co-creating the dialogic: How a participatory action research project promoted second language acquisition of Karen youth. Journal of Southeast Asian American Education and Advancement, 12(1).

Channa, L., Gilhooly, D., Lynn, C., & Manan, S. (2017). Friend or Foe? First Language (L1) in Second/Foreign Language (L2/FL) Instruction & Vygotsky. Journal of Language and Cultural Education, 5(2), 25-39.

Lynn, C., & Gilhooly, D. (2017). Transitivity: The discursive (under) formation of immigrant workers in the media. Journal of Training, Design, and Technology, 1(1), 9-19.

Lynn, C., & Lee, S. (2016). Newcomers in a Nontraditional Receiving Community: Korean Immigrant Adaptation Strategies in the American Deep South. Qualitative Report, 21(12), 2209-2229.

Pappamihiel, N. E., Lynn, C. (2016). Adaptations for English Language Learners: Differentiating Between Linguistic and Instructional Accommodations. TESL-EJ, 20(3).

Gilhooly, D., Lynn, C. (2015). Karen Resettlement: A Participatory Action Research Project. Journal of International Migration and Integration, 16(3), 799-817.

Pappamihiel, N. E., Lynn, C. (2014). Using an English learner's native language in class: How can monolingual teachers take advantage of an EL's L1? Childhood Education, 90(4), 291-297.

Lynn, C., Lee, S. A. (2013). Korean sojourners in the deep south: The push/pull dynamics of immigration. Diaspora, Indigenous, and Minority Education, 7(4), 229-242.

Book Chapters

Lynn, C. (2015). A cultural political economy of public schooling in rural south Georgia. In Hamann, E., Murillo, E. G., & Wortham, S. (Eds.), Revisiting education in the new Latino diaspora: One of twelve and rising. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Press.