Math 261 Spring 2014. Multivariate Calculus

Instructor:  Dr. G. Lugo
Office Hours: DsLoach 201.  MWF 10:00 -11:00 or by appt.
Textbooks: Multivariable Calculus, by James Stewart, Brooks/Cole
  Class notes, Handouts


Syllabus: Chapter 12 Vectors and the Geometry of Space
  Chapter 13 Vector Functions
  Chapter 14 Partial Derivatives
  Chapter 15 Multiple Integrals.
  Chapter 16 Vector Calculus
  Old Exams


Grading:   The grade will be based on the cumulative distribution of your scores on the following
  Quizzes 50 points (Best 5 scores)
  Exam 1 100 points
  Exam 2 100 points
  Exam 3 100 points
  Exam 4 100 points
  Final 200 points

Fine-tuning of the grade will take into account other factors such as attendance, improvement, grade distribution, consistency, and class participation. Efforts will be made to device exams which will result on a ten point grading scale.



There will be no make-up's, no early exams. If you miss an exam without a proper excuse you will get zero points in that exam. If you miss an additional exam for any reason, you will get zero points on that exam

Grade Replacement

Under exceptional circumstances, students who missed one exam with a proper excuse, will be allowed to replace the score in that exam with the percent score in the final exam.

Honor Code:

Complete academic honesty is expected from all students. Any Incidence of cheating will be dealt strictly according to the Student Academic Honor code.

Attendance: Do not miss any classes. In particular, do not miss any exams!

a) Office hours
b) Applets 
c) Tutors. See math secretary for list.


Goals: a) To complete the basic training in Calculus for scientists and engineers.
  b) The learn the theory and applications of vector calculus.
  c) To understand Stoke’s theorem and why this theorem is so central to science and mathematics. 
  d) To develop more skills in the use of computer algebra systems.
  e) To improve analytical thinking and problem solving skills.


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