Math 419/519 Spring 2010.    Applied Analytical Methods


Instructor:                            Dr. G. Lugo


Office Hours:                       Br 224. MWF 1:00-2:00 P.M. or by appointment


Textbooks:                            A First Course in Partial Differential Equations by H. F. Weinberger




Chapter VI

Problems in Higher Dimensions (Cont)



Chapter VII

Sturm Liouville Theory



Chapter VIII

Analytic Functions of a Complex Variable



Chapter IX

Evaluation of Integrals by Complex Methods



Chapter X

The Fourier Transform



Chapter XII

Approximation Methods



Class Notes

 Sample Midterm Exam




The grade will be based on the cumulative distribution of your scores on the following:



100 points


Midterm Exam

100 points



200 points. 


Efforts will be made to device exams which will result on a ten point grading scale.



Make-ups:             There will be no make-ups, no early exams. No exceptions!


Honor Code:         Complete academic honesty is expected from all students. Please, read  section I of the

                                Academic Honor Code.


Disabilities:          If you feel that you should qualify for disability testing or accommodations during this course, contact the Office if Disability Services in Westside Hall or call ext. 3746.


Attendance:          Do not miss any classes, but most important, do not miss any exams!


Goals:                    a) To complete the basic training in PDE’s for scientists and engineers

                                b) To understand Fourier Series and its applications 

                                c)  To learn the theory and applications of orthogonal functions.  



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