Math 367 Spring 2009.    Principles in Applied Mathematics


Instructor:                            Dr. G. Lugo

Office Hours:                      Br 224. M -F 10:00-11:00  or by app.

Textbooks:                           Fourier Series by GeorgiTolstov

                                                Class Notes

Syllabus:               Chapter 0    Linear Algebra (Review)

                                Chapter 1    Trigonometric Fourier Series

                                Chapter 2    Orthogonal Systems

                                Chapter 3    Convergence of Fourier Series

                                Chapter 4    Series with Decreasing Coefficients

                                Chapter 5    Operations with Fourier Series

                                Chapter 6    Summation of Fourier Series

                                Chapter 7    Double Fourier Series

                                Chapter 8    Bessel Fourier Series

                                Chapter 9    Eigenfunctions and Applications.

Grading:               The grade will be based on the cumulative distribution of your scores on the following:

                                Homework    100 points    

                                Exam 1         100 points                     

                                Exam 2         100 points                     

                                Final             200 points                       Comprehensive

                                Fine tuning of the grade will take into account other factors such as attendance, improvement,

                                grade distribution, consistency and class participation. Efforts will be made to device

                                exams which will result on a ten point grading scale.

Make-ups:            There will be no make-ups, no early exams. No exceptions. 

Honor Code:        Complete academic honesty is expected from all students. Please read  section I of the

                                Undergraduate Academic Honor code.

Attendance:          Do not miss any classes, but most important, do  not miss any exams!