Math 111 Fall 2015

Instructor: Dr. G. Lugo

Office Hours: MW 2-3:30 or by appointment.  Os. 2016B

Textbooks: Algebra and Trigonometry, 4th ed. By Sullivan and Sullivan
                    TI-83 or TI-84 Graphing Calculator

Content: Part I 1.1-1.7;  2.1-2.2,  10.1
  Part II 3.1-3.5; 4.1-4.5; 5.1,5.4-5.6;
  Part III 6.1-6.9
Old Finals: Link Pending
Homework, Online

Grading: The grade will be based on the cumulative distribution of your scores on the following
  Item  Points Old tests:    
  Hw/Qz 100 points 2007F 2008S 2015F
  Exam 1 100 points Ex1F07 1 2 Ex1S08 1 2 Ex1F15
  Exam 2 100 points Ex2F07 1 2 Ex2S08 1 2 Ex2F15
  Exam 3 100 points Ex3F07 Ex3S08 1 2 Ex3F15
  Final 200 points.      
  Fine-tuning of the grade will take into account other factors such as attendance, improvement, grade distribution, consistency, and class participation. Efforts will be made to device exams which will result on a ten point grading scale.

Make-ups: There will be no make-ups, no early exams. No exceptions!
If you miss an exam without a proper excuse you will get zero points in that exam. If you miss an additional exam for any reason, you will get zero points onthat exam.
Under exceptional circumstances, students who missed one exam with a proper
excuse, will be allowed to replace the score in that exam with half of the score in the the final exam.
Honor Code: Complete academic honesty is expected from all students. Please, read section 4.1 of the Undergraduate Academic Honor Code.
Attendance: Do not miss any classes. Many of the class activities involve cooperative learning, and your presence in these group activities is crucial. In particular, do not miss any exams! - Final exams are comprehensive and the "grade replacement" policy
can become a source of considerable stress.

a) To prepare students for Calculus.
b) To improve analytical thinking and problem solving skills.
c) To learn about modeling and graphical interpretation.

d) To improve study habits and self discipline


a) Math Lab / Learning Center.
b) MyMathLab
c) Private tutors. See math secretary for list.