How to access your Linux account from home
SCS Linux network

Transfering yor files with WinSCP

Step 1 : SFTP to
  • execute winscp382.exe - the secure file transfer client
  • in the "Host name" field type ""
  • enter your SCS linux username and password respectively in the "User name" and Password fields
  • click on the "Login" button
Step 2 : transfer your files
  • there are commands listed below the directory windows to create directories and do other operations as required
  • send your files by draggind and dropping them, for example, across from the local to the remote listing

Logging on with Putty

Step 1 : ssh to
  • execute putty.exe - the terminal client
  • in the Host Name field type
  • click on the "open" button
  • enter your SCS linux username and password as prompted
Step 2 : ssh to lambda01
  • at the prompt, type "ssh lambda01"
  • enter your SCS linux password as prompted
  • now, you can use gcc, gdb, and all other tools from home