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Martin Kozloff
Watson Distinguished Professor

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Honor to those who in their lives
are committed and guard their Thermopylae.
Never stirring from duty;
just and upright in all their deeds,
but with pity and compassion too
And they merit greater honor
when they foresee (and many do foresee)
that Ephialtes will finally appear,
and in the end the Medes will go through.
[Cavafy, circa 1911.]


Courses Taught:

         EDN 595 Direct Instruction

         EDN 301 Instructional design

         EDN 523 Educational Research

         EDN 582 Organizational Theory and Leadership

         EDN 515 Curriculum for School Leaders






Professional Service:
Assist schools and school districts to raise student achievement, 
close and prevent the achievement gap, increase teachers' skills, 
and increase the social cohesion of schools by implementing 
effective, field-tested curricula in language, beginning reading, and 
remedial reading (e.g., Language for Learning, Reading Mastery
and Corrective Reading). 

Assist states to evaluate and reform curricula in schools of 





Created By:  Martin Kozloff