Contest Rules and Information


·        There will be a comprehensive, 80 minute, 30 question exam.  The 30 problems will all be multiple choice with 5 possible answers. The contest will include questions on high school mathematics (algebra, plane geometry, trigonometry, and analysis) as well as mathematical reasoning and general mathematical knowledge.  Calculus problems will not be included. 

·        Scoring:  Each question answered correctly scores 4 points.  Each question left blank scores 1 point. Each question answered incorrectly scores 0 points.  Ties in scoring will be decided by “number of correct answers.”

·        The participating schools will be grouped into two divisions (large schools and small schools).  The 8% of students who will be eligible for the state contest in April will be selected from the top scorers overall after first ensuring that at least 1/4 of those eligible are from Division I and 1/4 are from Division II.

·        Participants will not be permitted to use calculators. 

·        There is no limit on how many students may come from each school.  However, only eight students from each school will be eligible for awards and eligible to attend the state math contest. There will be individual and team awards.  A minimum of four students is required to be eligible for team awards.  Each school may have one official team to compete for team awards.  Your team score will be computed by totaling the four top scores of the first six students listed on the application form.  Other students attending the contest will be put on an unofficial team for your school