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NCTAN seminars in 2015-16 in North Carolina:

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NCTAN fall

Date:  October 10th (Sat.), 2015
Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Topic: Philosophy and Religion in East Asia, Tai Chi, Calligraphy


NCTAN Spring

Date:  March 26th (Sat.), 2016
 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.   (we start early to conduct videoconference session with Japan)

Topic: Education in East Asia, Films and Stories, Discussion with students from East Asia


Locations: UNC-Wilmington, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Charlotte (each location will be filled first-come-first serve basis.) and on-line from your home.
Eligibility: In-service K-12 teachers who teach about East Asia as a part of curriculum.


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Please contact Yoko Kano (Director, NCTAN) at for questions.

After completion of all the above seminars in North Carolina and on-line assignments, you will be eligible to apply for the summer study trip to East Asia.  See below for more details.  



NCTA seminars at    

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Resource on East Asia:

Asian Films:   Their news letter and more at



For Elementary Teachers: Chinese Fables: "The Dragon Slayer" and Other Timeless Tales of Wisdom  (Grades 2-3): Winner of multiple book prizes for children’s literature. Recommended by librarian Constance Vidor and the KCTA Newsletter, U of Kansas.

Engaging Podcasts on Chinese History:Laszlo Montgomery, an American businessman who has worked in China and studied China, offers an engaging series of podcasts on different topics in Chinese history.

Explore contemporary China with humor:The Great LOL Of China video series with Jesse Appell explores modern Chinese people and society from a foreigner’s perspective and an emphasis on the humor in cross-cultural misadventures.


NCTA offers in 2015-16 academic year:

NCTA seminars at    

The followings are just some of them.  Please search at above web site.

National Committee on US-China Relations annual day of nationwide programming: China
Town Hall Meeting –October 5, 2015 – with Robert Rudin, Treasury Secretary under President Clinton, and others. (On-line streaming or face-to-face meetings in your local areas.) Check NCUSCR for more information.

Current Events in East Asia: CHINA
Gain background for high school social studies and economics students on China’s “Black Monday” and economic implications for U.S.-China Relations. With Clay Dube, director of the US-China Institute at USC and NCTA director:

Mark the 70th anniversary of the end of WW II and of hostilities between the US and Japan in August, 1945 with new resources:

 -  Top Ten Things to Know about Japan’s Foreign Policy on the 70th Anniversary of the End of WW II (free sign in required):

 -  Prime Minister Abe’s Speech on August 15, 2015:

 -  Film on the aftermath of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima: Pictures of a Hiroshima Schoolyard:

 -  Popular protests against Prime Minister Abe’s new directions in foreign policy – International Business Times, Aug 31, 2015:

AFE Fall Book Groups has started!

Learn Chinese and Japanese history through literature appropriate for the classroom with one of three book groups. We offer a chance to explore Chinese Literature since 1980, a Japanese story of a shipwrecked boy, and who-done-its that date back to the Song dynasty. Read on your own time; participate in an online conversation about the texts. Professional development hours available. Get more info on the series here – or peruse each group  below!

 Sep 16-Oct 21   Modern Chinese Literature 1980-2000
Following the Mao era of artistic persecution, authors in the early 1980s experimented with new forms, themes and voices. Explore short stories that delve into this period of social, political, and ideological change that you can read with your students!   
More Info

Sep 20-Nov 4  Heart of a Samurai (Middle School Teachers)  
Read this true story of a shipwrecked 14-year old boy from Japan who travels back to Fairhaven, MA, with the whaling ship that rescues him in 1841, and later plays a role in the establishment of relations between Japan and the United States in 1854.  
More Info

Sep 30-Nov 24   Chinese Crime Fiction: Past and Present (High School) 
Popular during the Song and Ming dynasties, crime fiction often featured judges who exposed wrongdoing through brilliant deduction – and sometimes supernatural forces. Explore Chinese history and contemporary society through popular stories of crime and detection revealing age-old issues of injustice, corruption, and greed.   
More Info



Summer filed study trip to East Asia

All the requirements have to be completed by Dec. 31 to apply for the following summer field trip in case of teachers in North Carolina. 
 (Yoko will lead the Group II in Japan from July 4, 2016.)

Go to the following site for Application:

The past NCTAN attendees:

Those who participated in the 2015-16 NCTAN seminars:  After completion of all three seminars in North Carolina and Simulcast and Wiki assignments at , watch additional totalhour archived simulcast (See below for more details) or NCTA organized seminar at


Those who participated in the 2014-15 NCTAN seminars: After completion of all three seminars in North Carolina and Wiki assignments, make sure you completed the required simulcast reflections posted in the   and watch additional total 6-hour archived simulcast (See below for more details) or NCTA organized seminar at


Those who participated in the seminar at NCCAT in March, 2013:Please  watch additional three 2-hour (total 6 hours) on-line archived simulcast or NCTA organized seminar at


Those who participated in the seminar at NCCAT in March, 2012: please watch additional two 2-hour (total 4 hours) on-line achieved simulcast or NCTA organized seminar at


To view achieved simulcast, go to the "nationally offered seminars" at (Asia For Educator (AFE) and look through the list of the/span>Archived Simulcast Presentations and Study Modules.”   You need to register at the AFE site to view the simulcast.  Choose any of the simulcast of your interest from the list. 

Summer 2015 sturdy tour:  Those who are eligible for the NCTA study tour to Asia, application is at 



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