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Please scroll down and see the "Link" section below to download Power Point presentatiions on Japanese Food and Food Education presented by Yoko Kano.

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NCTAN seminars in 2017-18 in North Carolina :

April 18 (Wed.), 2018
7:00 - 8:00 p.m. (EST)
On-line Book Group of
My Half of the Sky

To receive a complimentary book (up to 30 copies): 
1. Register at the NCTAN site below by March 18th.  Register here
2. Please come to the World View conference (see below) to pick up the book before 3:00 p.m. on March 22.
3, Participate in the on-line book group on April 18.

You can still register at the above site even after March 18 (please get the book on your own.)

Author Jana McBurney-Lin was born in Illinois, received a degree in Communications/Japanese from Bates College in Maine, and spent fifteen years living in Asia—specifically Japan and Singapore. There she served as an editor for ALC Press, while at the same time freelancing for media sources around the world, including National Public Radio, Hemispheres magazine, Japan Times, and dozens of others. There she also met her husband who is from southern China. Her first novel My Half of the Sky, inspired by a trip to his village, is the story of a contemporary young Chinese woman who is trying to be modern but the traditions of her village keep pulling her back. The story received numerous awards, including Forbes Book Club Pick, Booksense Pick of the Month, Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year.  Attendance certificate (PDF version) will be e-mailed to you after the meeting.

March 21 (Wed.) , 2018
7:00 - 9:00 p.m. (EST)
Film: Okujirasama, A Whale of Tale (2017)
The Global Center Nelson Mandela Auditorium
Free and open to Public
NCTAN and The Carolina Asia Center's Asia Week.

The film director, Megumi Sasaki, will show the documentary film that sets a camera in a small fishing town of Taiji, Japan, which has been a target of international criticism due to their long-standing dolphin and whale hunting.  The film offers very new perspectives on the issues of environment, animal welfare and animal rights that is far more complicated than what is portrayed in the US media. The discussion with Sasaki will follow. 
To receive a NCTAN attendance certificate, please
register here by March 18 

March 21-22, 2018
(World View Conference)
East Asia: Traditions, Trends and Transformations
The Friday Conference Center at Chapel Hill, NC
NCTAN is working with the World View at UNC Chapel Hill to offer a conference on East Asia.  
More information and registeration at 
NCTAN will be at the conference to give out books to participating educators at the specified sessions and at the NCTAN table at the conference.  You can stop by to receive a book "My Half of the Sky"  before 3:00 p.m. on March 22 or until it lasts.

Jan. 30, 2018, 7-8pm EST
Mapping our Connections:  Ties That Bind the US and Asia

Ties that Bind: US and Asia is an innovative collaborative digital mapping project that provides opportunities for users to learn about historical and contemporary people, places, and events which connect the US and China, Japan and Korea. Join us to learn not only how to use this project in your classroom and but also how to contribute to it.
Reserve your webinar seat, copy and paste the following URL:

The webinar, run by Anne Prescott in Massachusetts and the teachers who initiated the project, demonstrates how classrooms in your state can create a digital map of your state's ties with East Asia -- past and present. It is a wonderful, interesting project and one that makes "Asia" more real and present to students in local communities.

Sept. 30, 2017

If you are participating on-line, here is the information.  
Application at

Eligibility: Seminar is free (funded) for In-service K-12 teachers who teach about East Asia as a part of their curriculum.

Please contact Yoko Kano (Director, NCTAN) at for questions.

After completion of all the above seminars in North Carolina and on-line assignments (total 30 hours), you will be eligible to apply for the summer study trip to East Asia.  Scroll down to the bottom for more information.  



Power Point presentation at World View conference (the linksbelow will be available until Aug.1, 2018.  Since it is a large file, I cannot send it to you via e-mail.  Please download before Aug. 1, 2018)
 Japanese Food& Food Education  

Japanese Education

More programs on East Asia (national site) at

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Simulcast (live and archived) seminar at 

Resource on East Asia:

Asian Films:   Their news letter and more at


Summer filed study trip to East Asia

Due to expanded programs now availabe through various NCTA sites, please keep track of your own attendance certificates to show that you have completed the required 30 hours.

Go to the following site for Application:     or

The past NCTAN attendees:

Past seminar attendants:  Please keep the attendance certificate.  If the total hours exceeds 30 hours, you are eleible for the study trip to East Asia.  You can also combine the hours of seminar you participated in the NCTA organized seminar at


Those who participated in the seminar at NCCAT in March, 2013:Please  watch additional three 2-hour (total 6 hours) on-line archived simulcast or NCTA organized seminar at


Those who participated in the seminar at NCCAT in March, 2012: please watch additional two 2-hour (total 4 hours) on-line achieved simulcast or NCTA organized seminar at


To view achieved simulcast, go to the "nationally offered seminars" at (Asia For Educator (AFE) and look through the list of the/span>Archived Simulcast Presentations and Study Modules.”   You need to register at the AFE site to view the simulcast.  Choose any of the simulcast of your interest from the list. 

Summer 2015 sturdy tour:  Those who are eligible for the NCTA study tour to Asia, application is at 



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