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NCTA seminars in 2018-19 in North Carolina:

March 28 -29, 2019

Transnational Korean Cinema & Media Conference by Triangle East Asia Colloquium 2019

6:00-8:30 p.m. on March 28: Korean Film viewing

9:00 - 3:45 p.m. on March 29: Conference

K-12 teacher mini-grant: three hotel rooms which are up to the federal rate of $116 per room and class-substitute payment up to $140 per a class to be subbed):
Please contact Mary Lagdameo to get further information at

For details about the conference:

Study Tour to East Asia

  Teachers who successfully complete the 30 hours by taking NCTA/NCTAN approved seminars and courses by Dec. 31st will be eligible to apply for an East Asia study tour of the following year ,offered by NCTA. More details and eligibility at 

Eligibility: Seminar is free (funded) for In-service K-12 teachers who teach about East Asia as a part of their curriculum. 

Please contact Yoko Kano (Director, NCTAN) at for questions

After completion of all the above seminars in North Carolina and on-line assignments (total 30 hours), you will be eligible to apply for the summer study trip to East Asia.  Scroll down to the bottom for more information.  

The teachers who have participated in the tour, please see some information at the bottom of this page.


Links and Resources

A Whale of A Tale by Megumi Sasaki now available on DVD for schools $350.   Please contact:

More programs on East Asia (national site) at

NCTA Facebook at

Simulcast (live and archived) seminar at 

Resource on East Asia:

Asian Films:   Their news letter and more at


Summer field study trip to East Asia

Due to expanded programs now available through various NCTA sites, please keep track of your own attendance certificates to show that you have completed the required 30 hours.

Eligibility at 

Go to the following site for Application: or

The past NCTAN attendees:

Past seminar attendants:  Please keep the attendance certificate.  If the total hours exceeds 30 hours, you are eligible for the study trip to East Asia.  You can also combine the hours of seminar you participated in the NCTA organized seminar at


Those who participated in the seminar at NCCAT in March, 2013: Please  watch additional three 2-hour (total 6 hours) on-line archived simulcast or NCTA organized seminar at


Those who participated in the seminar at NCCAT in March, 2012: Please watch additional two 2-hour (total 4 hours) on-line achieved simulcast or NCTA organized seminar at


To view achieved simulcast, go to the "nationally offered seminars" at (Asia For Educator (AFE) and look through the list of the/span>Archived Simulcast Presentations and Study Modules.”   You need to register at the AFE site to view the simulcast.  Choose any of the simulcast of your interest from the list. 



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