Japanese Summer Study Abroad (updated 12-1-2016)

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views on men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one corner of the earth all one’s lifetime” – Mark Twain

The six-credit, on-line language course (JPN294-800) will start on May 15, 2017.   (Summer I), 
Pre-requisite is JPN101 (Elementary Japanese I).  If you are participating in/applying to the summer program but cannot get into the JPN101 due to "closed course" in spring semesters, contact the instructor.

The trip to Japan: June 21(arriving in Japan) -July 1 (leaving Japan or traveling on your own), 2017
Lead by: Professor Yoko Kano, Senior Lecturer in Japanese (

During this ten-day trip in Japan, students are based in Kyoto, where they can experience the ancient and modern faces of Japan.  In Kyoto, students will venture to famous sites and locations, including the biggest flea market in Kyoto where you can find anything ancient or modern.  We will travel to Tokyo to spend the last four days in the capital of Japan.  The six-credit intensive non-campus and on-line language course will start and end on the above date before the trip to Japan. 

Click here for brochure! (2017)
Click here for tentative itinerary.  (tentative 2017 itinerary available) 
Click here for course syllabus  (It is still 2016 syllabus.  It will be updated in May, 2017 but the content is similar.)
Financial aid: Ms. Andrea Brewer is our primary contact in the office of financial aid, concerning a study abroad program.

Online application at  https://appserv02.uncw.edu/IntProgApp/  
(Choose "Japan" for country, "Faculty-Led" for Provider, and "Summer" for Term.  You will see a list of program for Japan.   Then Click "Appy" for 2015 Summer study Abroad and follow directions on the screen.  Please do not confuse it with the program by the Education Dept.

"How Studying or Working Abroad Makes You Smarter?"
"Studying or working in another country can make us better thinkers—more flexible, creative, and complex—if we’re willing to adapt and learn from other cultures"
Read more at http://time.com/79937/how-studying-or-working-abroad-makes-you-smarter/  (accessed 5-2-2014)

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Country Risk Report by HTH Workdwide https://www.hthstudents.com/tools/security_country_profile.cfm?cid=93

City Health Profiles of Kyoto, Japan  https://www.hthstudents.com/tp2_cityhealth/fullview.cfm

If you are planning to travel on your own, here is the train search site:  http://www.hyperdia.com/en/

This site introduces great apps in Japan:  http://www.supercheapjapan.com/best-free-apps-for-traveling-in-japan/