Paula K. Kamenish

Title: Associate Professor
Office: Morton 125
Phone: (910) 962-3617
FAX: (910) 962-7186

Teaching Interests

When I was in second grade, I decided I wanted one day to teach.  When I started college, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life in a university classroom. I enjoy teaching all UNCW English courses--freshman composition and literature, graduate and undergraduate--but my areas of specialization are World Literature, European Literature (especially French, German, and Soviet), Drama, Novella, and Novel. Whenever appropriate, I try to use hypermedia technology in the classroom and often ask my students to send their assignments to me and to each other by e-mail.  I am a very strong advocate of study abroad, and I have led students to Paris, Southern France, the Province of Québec, Prague, and Finland.  In July 2003, I will lead a group of UNCW students to St. Petersburg, Russia to study writing and culture.  Whenever possible, I try to combine research trips with student mentoring, for both undergraduate and graduate students, so they will learn about archival research in the U.S. and in Europe.

Research Interests

I've published articles on Shakespeare, French Canadian author Roch Carrier, and various modern dramatists, including Ionesco, Brecht, and Genet. My favorite subject of research is German and French performance and visual arts of the 20th century, especially manifestations of the avant-garde . My current research project, The Mamas of Dada, concerns women who were involved in the Dada movement in primarily France, Switzerland, and Germany. Click here for an example of DADA.

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