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Scott Imig, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, CIS Program Coordinator (Master’s and Add-On)

Department of Educational Leadership

Education Building 376

Courses Taught

EDL 200 - Teacher, School and Society 
EDL 566 - Teacher Evaluation and Supervision
EDL 578 - Practicum in Learning-Centered Supervision
EDL 567 - Learning-Centered Supervision
EDL 595 - Comparative Studies in International Leadership
EDL 599 - Thesis Research
EDL 622 - Teacher Evaluation and Supervision: System-Wide Theory and Approaches
EDL 699 - Doctoral Dissertation Research

Research Interests

Educational Policy, Teacher Education, Teacher Evaluation, Mentoring, Classroom Observation and Supervision, The Teaching Profession

Read to Achieve: North Carolina 3rd Grade Teachers’ Views on Reading Policies to End Social Promotion

Listening to Those on the Front Lines: North Carolina Teachers and Administrators Respond to State Legislative Changes

The Public Schools Our Children Deserve? North Carolina Residents React to State Legislative Changes

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