Courses Taught at UNCW (DOC)



MAT 111

College Algebra

MAT 112


MAT 152

Basic Calculus with Applications

MAT 162

Calculus with Analytic Geometry

MAT 261

Multivariate Calculus

MAT 335

Linear Algebra (DIS)

MAT 361

Differential Equations

MAT 365

Vector Calculus

MAT 366

Advanced Calculus II

MAT 367

Principles in Applied Math

MAT 475

Nonlinear Dynamical systems and Chaos

MAT 491

Perturbation Methods (DIS)

MAT 495

Senior Seminar

MAT 499

Honors Work in Mathematics

MAT 515/415

Introduction to Complex Variables

MAT 516

Complex Analysis

MAT 518/418

Applied Analytical Methods I

MAT 519/419

Applied Analytical Methods II

MAT 525/425

Numerical Analysis I

MAT 526

Numerical Analysis II (DIS)

MAT 531

Linear Algebra

MAT 563/463

Ordinary Differential Equations

MAT 564

Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Chaos

MAT 599

Thesis Hours

MSC 591

Underwater Acoustics and Signal Processing I (DIS)

MSC 591

Fourier Analysis of Times Series in Physical Oceanography (DIS)

PHY 101

Elementary College Physics I

PHY 102

Elementary College Physics I

PHY 201

General Physics I

PHY 202

General Physics II

PHY 311

Mathematical Physics (Several times as DIS as well)

PHY 335

Modern Physics (Several times as DIS as well)

PHY 411

Electricity and Magnetism I

PHY 412

Electricity and Magnetism II

PHY 444

Quantum Mechanics

PHY 445


PHY 455

Thermal Physics

PHY 490

Introduction to General Relativity

PHY 490

Introduction to Cosmology

PHY 495

Senior Seminar

PHY 499

Honors Work in Physics

PHY 591

Underwater Acoustics and Signal Processing II (DIS)

HON 110

Honors Course in Chaos – Team Taught

HON 120

Honors Seminar – The First Three Minutes of the Universe

HON 210

Honors Seminar – The Legacy of Albert Einstein

CSC 105

Introduction to Computing and Computer Applications

SCI 501

Introduction to Natural Sciences I – Team Taught

SCI 502

Introduction to Natural Sciences II – Team Taught


Math Physics



Special Courses

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