University of North Carolina Wilmington

   Department of Enivronmental Studies


Dr. Jack C. Hall

Department Chair
Bachelor of Science Progran Coordinator

601 S. College Road

Wilmington, NC  28403-5949
(910) 962-3488



COURSE:   FALL 2010 - EVS 195 SECTIONS 001 AND 002 and 151


Dr. Hall's Background:

Chair, Department of Environmental Studies - 2003 to Present

Director of Environmental Studies Program - 1995 to 2003

Regional Director, Science Olympiad - 1996 to 2005

Director, Summer Ventures in Science & Mathematics - 1994 to 1997

Associate Research Scientist-Center for Marine Science - 1987 to Present

Research Diver - NURC - 1993 to Present

Volunteer Dive, NC Aquarium, Ft. Fisher - 2001 to Present

Dive Master Certification - CMS & NURC - 2002 to Present





Recent Publications:

CUTTING, R.H. and HALL, J.C. 2008. Requirements for a Workable Intern/Practicum in the Environmental Sciences:  Experience for Careers and Graduate School.  Journal of Geosceince Education, V. 56, n.2, p. 120-125.

CUTTING, R. H. and HALL, J.C.  2006. Forensic Environmental Science.  Ecological Society of America, in Ecology 101.

CUTTING, R.H., CAHOON, L.B., and HALL, J.C.  2006 Property Rights: Generators versus Receptors (p. 215-232).  In Theophanides, M. and Theophanides, T. (eds.) Environmental Engineering & Economics, Athens Institue for Education and Research. 263p.

KAWCZYNSKI, W. and HALL, J.C.  2006  Exciting Earth/Environmental Science Activities and Resources for Grades 6-12.  North Carolina Science Teacher Association, 2006 Professional Development Institute, Abstract with Programs, p.  22.

CUTTING, R.H. and HALL, J.C.  2006.  Internships in the Environmental Sciences:  Experience for Careers and Grad School.  Geological Society of America, Abstracts with Programs, Vol. 38, no. 7, p.219.

HALL, J.C. and KAWCZYNSKI, W.  2005.  Insights on the Revised SCOS for Earth/Environmental Science.  North Carolina Science Teacher Association, 2005 Professional Development Institute, Abstracts with Program, p. 22.

Meet a Scientist:  Dr. Jack Hall.  GK-12 Graduate Fellows Program, UNCW Science and Math Education Center, 2005, Fellows/DrJack.html.

The Dynamic Duo-Earth and Environment:  A Commentary by Dr. Jack Hall.  GK-12 Fellows Program, UNCW Science and Math Education Center, 2005.

MCLAMB, E. with special contributions from HALL, J.C.  The Quiet Evolution of Trees. 2005.

HALL, J.C.  Evolution of Land Plants:  How Did Plants Move onto the Land?  2005.

HALL, J.C.  2004.  For the Good of the Community or How I have Fun with Fish!!!  UNCW Magazine, Fall/Winter, 2004, p. 10-11.

HALL, J.C.  2004.  A Closer Look:  Dr. Jack Hall.  Integrated Science for Middle School.  Carolina Academic Press, p. 439.


Other Publications & Abstracts (PDF)




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