CSC 532 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Course Syllabus – Spring 2023


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CSC 532-001


3:30pm -4:45am

CI 1012

CSC 532-002


3:30pm -4:45am

CI 1012

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Curry Guinn
Office hours:  TR 2:30pm-3:30pm (Location: Congdon 2002 Sandbox) and MW 11:00am-12:00pm (Zoom)
Phone: (910) 962-7937


Theory of the design of efficient computer algorithms. Algorithms for sorting, searching, pattern matching, and polynomial arithmetic, cryptography, as well as study of greedy algorithms, graph algorithms.  



Description automatically generated with medium confidenceIntroduction to Algorithms, Third Edition, By Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest and Clifford Stein.  You may also use the 4th edition if you want the latest and greatest.  I’ll be using the 3rd edition.

 Publisher’s Website:





The Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) for CSC 532 are:

  1. Students learn standard approaches to the design and analysis of algorithms by developing, implementing, and evaluating algorithms for practical applications.
  2. Students develop communications skills by documenting, reporting, and presenting their findings.
  3. Students cultivate collaboration skills by teaming to explore outside the classroom the relative merits and common applications of well-known algorithms.
  4. Students demonstrate independent learning skills by acquiring knowledge outside of classroom contact that is necessary to acquire data, create appropriate algorithms, conduct experiments, and interpret findings.



Programming & Homework Projects


Course Grade

A modified 10-point scale will be used to compute your course grade. Pluses and minuses ( + ) will be assigned solely at the discretion of the instructor.  Factors that affect this judgment are the distribution of grades, improvement during the semester, and attendance. 

90 - 100 A-, A

80 - 89.5 B-, B, B+

70 - 79.5 C, C+

0 - 69.5 F



There are no makeups for Quizzes.   Quizzes administered on Canvas will have a clearly defined due date and time and will be posted with a minimum of 48 hours notice.


There are no makeups for missed tests or final project presentations.   The schedule for tests and the final exam is posted.  In the event of a change, an announcement will be made in class and via email.  


Team Homework Projects will be submitted online.   To receive full credit, the online submission must be made by the time and date specified in Canvas.  Late assignments will be automatically docked 10 points per day, with Saturday/Sunday counting as one day.    



Attendance will not be taken during class with the exception of scheduled project presentations.   Note that past experience has shown that there is a very high correlation between class attendance and course grades.    Students generally do not find this material to be easily understood without the supplement of in-class discussion.  

All group members must be present for scheduled project presentations.  A member who is not present will receive a 0 for that project.  



University Policy on academic integrity will be followed for this course. Cheating and plagiarism will be taken very seriously, resulting in severe penalties. 


Intellectual Property and Copyright

Any dissemination of class notes, lecture slides, recordings, handouts, copies of exams, or any other course materials without permission of the instructor is prohibited by UNCW policy.  UNCW Copyright Use and Ownership Policy ( Links to an external site.) specifies that class notes and related materials are considered derivative of original intellectual property of the course instructor. Therefore, the instructor (not the student) owns the copyright and must provide specific permission to distribute and/or reuse those materials for anything other than personal use and scholarship by the student. Commercial use, display, or dissemination of such notes, copies, or recordings—as well as posting to websites--will generally constitute an infringement of copyright and the Honor Code.  Materials that qualify as student-owned are listed in the policy.


Students with Disabilities

 Students with diagnosed disabilities should contact the Office of Disability Services (962-7555). Please give me a copy of the letter you receive from Office of Disability Services detailing class accommodations you may need. If you require accommodation for test-taking, please make sure I have the referral letter no fewer than three days before the test.

Notification of Illness

Students who experience COVID-19 symptoms should immediately contact the Abrons Student Health Center at (910) 962-3280.


Learning Strategies

You are expected to take an active role in your learning in this course. This includes regular attendance, paying attention in class, reading the textbook, and completing all course requirements. You are encouraged to study with your classmates outside of class.


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