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 CSC 332 - Data Structures – Spring 2014


There will be a Blackboard quiz on due by classtime, Thursday, February 13. 

To prepare for the quiz make sure that you know:

1.      What are the fundamental operations on a stack?

2.      Know whether stacks are LIFO or FIFO.  Know whether queues are LIFO or FIFO.   You should probably figure out what LIFO and FIFO mean. 

3.      Just how fundamental are stacks in modern computers?

4.      Be able to evaluate postfix expressions like

                        101 211 222 333 + 1 * + 22 + +

5.      In Chapter II of GEB, the author presents the pq-system.   What is it isomorphic to?

6.      In Chapter II of GEB, the author roughly outlines a proof by Euclid.  What does Euclid prove?

7.      What are the answers to the riddles posed in the Sonata for Unaccompanied Achilles?

8.      What is the negative space of C-type theorems (start of Chapter 3)?

9.      In art, what is a recursively drawable figure (See Section "Figure and Ground")

10.  Extra Credit, Reading ahead a bit in GEB (pp. 129-130), the author claims that when humans are listening to music, they maintain a mental stack that gets pushed and popped.    A mental stack of what?

11.  Extra Credit, In GEB (p. 133), the author talks about recursive definitions “bottoming out”.    In mathematical terms, what do we call those cases where the recursion bottoms out?