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 CSC 332 - Data Structures - Spring 2014

There will be a Blackboard quiz due before class, Tuesday, January 21, 2014.

To prepare for the quiz make sure that

  1.     From Section 1.4.1, know what class is used as the super class for implementing genericity in Java in versions of Java prior to Java 5.
  2.     From Section 1.4.2, a problem with the approach described in 1.4.1 is that certain common types can not make direct use of this generic scheme.  Which types?
  3.     From Section 1.4.3, can two instances of class Object be compared using the compareTo method?
  4.     From Section 1.5.1, in Java 5, a class can be created which has a type parameter.   What is the most general type parameter that is used in this scheme?  
  5.     From Section 1.5.4, if you have specified a generic parameter to use AnyType, can you use compareTo method with that parameter? 
  6.     From Section 1.2, there's a mathematics review question.