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 CSC 332 - Data Structures - Spring 2014

This quiz should be taken on Blackboard and completed before 11:59pm, Thursday night, January 16, 2014.

To prepare for the quiz make sure that look over the slides:

Introduction to Data Structures (slides) and Guinn’s notes on those slides. 

These are the questions you will find on Blackboard:

1.      What is the last name of the instructor?

2.      What are Dr. Guinn’s office hours for Spring 2014?

3.      What is this course all about?

4.      How many programming projects in this course are group projects?

5.      Who are the authors of our two required texts?

6.      Be able to match a one-line description of the following data structures: arrays, linked lists, binary trees, AVL trees, hash tables, and graphs.

7.      What operating system runs on the CSC departmental machine

8.      Dr. Guinn says that the data structures that you will learn are analogous to what?

9.      Be able to match a one-line description of Bach, Godel, Escher and Guinn.

10.  Dr. Guinn singles out an important concept that shows up again and again in Godel, Escher, Bach.  What is that concept?

  1. You know about the Linux-based machine, babbage.
  2.  You know the unix commands for listing the contents of a directory, displaying the contents of a file, moving around in directories, and creating directories.
  3. You know how to compile and run java programs at the command line.
  4. In the editor vi, we toggle between two modes: insert and command.    How do you get back and forth between these two modes?