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One reason I became a geography professor is my love of travel and appreciation of the surrounding physical landscape.  This interest in the world was spawned by spending part of my childhood in Australia. After, I experienced this beautiful country, I realized there was much to offer across the globe.   Luckily, exploring and teaching about physical landscapes is part of my job.  A frequent saying is that geographers need to learn about the world through the 'soles of their feet'.  My field research trips and field courses represent such an opportunity for myself and my students.  These trips and courses help me expand my the knowledge that I bring into the classroom as a teacher and offer opportunities to students to travel and learn.  At last count I have traveled to 26 countries (listed below), 5 continents, and all of the states (including Guam and Puerto Rico) in the U.S. except for Arkansas, Oklahoma, Oregon, North Dakota, and New Hampshire .  One of my favorite activities are watching and photographing sunrises and sunsets.  Below are some of the more spectacular ones that I have experienced.  If you are a UNCW student and interested in traveling and conducting research, contact me and we will see if we can get you involved.

Countries visited: Argentina, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Bahamas, Canada, Cayman Islands, Chile, China, Ecuador, Fiji, Germany, Hong Kong (before 1997), India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United Kingdom.



Sunset: Hounslow, St Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica 2013.


Sunset: Hounslow, St Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica 2013.


Sunset: Little Ochie, Alligator Pond, Jamaica 2011.



Sunset: Treasure Beach, Jamaica 2011.



Sunset: Jack Sprat, Treasure Beach, Jamaica 2010.



Sunset: Jack Sprat, Treasure Beach, Jamaica 2011.



Sunset: San Salvador, Bahamas 2011.



Sunset: The Buccaneer St Croix, USVI 2011.



Sunset: Roanoke Sound near Kitty Hawk, NC, 2007.



Sunset: Roanoke Sound near Kitty Hawk, NC, 2007.



Sunset: La Serena, Chile 2007.


Sunset: Pisco Elqui, Chile, 2007.



Sunrise: Hatteras Inlet, NC 2004.




Sunset: San Salvador, Bahamas 2006.



Sunset: Nimitz Hill, Guam 1999.


Sunset: Silver Lake, Ocracoke Island, NC 2002.


Sunset: Thailand-Cambodia border, 1989.


Sunset: Udon Thani, Thailand 1989.



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